My Parents

So, this past weekend, we went to visit my parents...
Broxton LOVES seeing them and of course, this weekend was no different!
(Except we were super busy!)

Remember, we went and watched them film a Disney Movie...
Then, when we finally got home, my mom had a prize for Broxton.
(I totally blame her and my dad for spoiling him... I had NOTHING to do with it!)
Anyways, she bought those little pill looking things...
You drop them in the water and the outside dissolves, leaving a sponge like toy?
Yeah.. Not so much.
We tried... and either they were dysfunctional OR we were impatient.
Either way, we took them and pulled the pill part out, then dropped them back in to let the sponge part open up.
Yeah, Broxton wanted to eat them.
No, we would not let him! :)

Here is Broxton playing with Maw-Maw.
Like I said...
Then, my dad came home from work.
Tax time... He's ALWAYS working!
Well, we loaded up and went to the Arena Football game.
Broxton had a blast and of course, my dad did too!!!

Here is Broxton learning football stuff from Papa!
Now, this picture:
After the game, you can go on the field and meet the players.
Well, we went down there...
Broxton was passing out HIGH FIVES!!!
It was cute...
Until he saw them getting ready for the team meeting in the middle after the game.
He wanted to get down.
So, I let him...
What did he do?
He got down, squatted like a football player (in front of this guy) and said
At that point, this guy cracks up laughing...
Another player comes over and Broxton did it again!
It was so funny!


  1. They are such a sponge at that age and so much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So are you duh kissin' lady of the house? !hehe! Thanks for stopping by, and my hubby & I do that all the time too! Hey, ya been busy lately. Not to much blog action here I see. Well, if you have time it's Freebie Day at the ol' 4M day tomorrow - Monday's Music Moves Me - so ROCK ME BABY! HAVE A GOOD ONE! HUGS, been missin' your smiling face!

  3. Love the fun pics, Noelle. Your parents are awesome! Lucky Broxton!

  4. I love that he got so into the game. Can't wait to see what you create.

  5. Stopping by from Pause for a Moment. How odd those sponge things wouldn't work. My mother spoils my boys like crazy. I keep trying to get her to buy museum memberships instead...

  6. I'm the spoiling grandmother, so you'd be mad at me, too! :)
    When I bought those little pill animals for my boys they didn't work either... oh well.
    How adorable about the football game and the players. I love when sports players are good to kids.


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