Ragu has Veggies?! Shhhhhhh - Review

When we have the boys here, it is sometimes pretty hard to get them to eat their vegetables.
Now, sometimes they are all over it and they even ask for a salad before.
(So glad, as I love salad!)
Other times, they just want meat/bread.
Well, I am all about vegetables, so that is a must have.

I also read that food left in pans is considered left overs, while food on plates is trash.
With that in mind, we normally eat on the smaller, salad plates.
If they want more, they can have it...
But that way, we are not throwing food away.
Also, that way, I make them eat their veggies!
No way do you get more unless you eat them.
Bottom line :)
Wow, tough lady!
Yeah right... Veggies are good to eat... and good for you.

Imagine the fact if they saw that when I am making them spaghetti, each 1/2 cup of Ragu Traditional Sauce has 2 daily servings of their vegetable needs!
I know them, they will then want spaghetti all the time.
But think about it, that means plenty of happy faces.
I also like how fast and easy spaghetti is, so spaghetti night is always a happy night...

I know I am not alone in my vegetable fight.
So much in fact that Ragu has made a facebook page to help all moms!
You can even comment them for suggestions on what to make for dinner!
True Story!
I just saw where someone wanted to know how to make something with ham and cheese.
They gave a recipe of the day... Ham and Cheese!
Ragu - Mom's the Word on Dinner looks like a great site for moms to bounce ideas off of one another.
They even have a monthly hot topic.
This month, Where Do You Find Dinner Inspiration?

FYI- We just had spaghetti last week...
Ragu traditional!!!!
So easy and tastes great!!!!!
(Shhhhhhh, please don't tell the boys about the veggies!!)

Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Ragú® prize package in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place


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