Sidewalk Chalk is so fun

Granted the weather has been nasty the past couple days...
(Thoughts and prayers to those affected.)
We had a bit of good weather, at one point, so we try to take advantage of it.
(When we can.)
We play on the porch, we go to the park...
Whenever we can go and get fresh air, we do!

The other day, we decided to bust out the sidewalk chalk...
On our porch!
We tried learning our ABC's
Time to work on our shapes!
Broxton just loved being messy!
But he did enjoy drawing too!
But the mess is so much fun!!!!
I just love those toes!!!
Covered in chalk or not, I think they are too cute!
After all that fun, he had to play with his cars in the "dirt."
Once they were good and dirty, he had to run them through the car wash!
(I think I need to win a sand and water table from a blog!)


  1. What a great car wash! JDaniel is big into washing his feet right now.

  2. I always loved sidewalk chalk! i'll have to buy some for when critter visits. Looks like you've got quite the little artist!

  3. I remember playing with sidewalk chalk with the boys. I used to love it, too, because of the same reasons you do... cute drawings, dusty feet and fingers and then wash it all off with the hose. =)


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