W/W - Got the Haircut

My last W/W post was dealing with Broxton needing a haircut...
Well, he got one!

His first haircut ever was from my hairstylist and dear friend, Ally...
Well, once we moved back up here, we found this cute little place called Pigtails and Crewcuts.
We went there a couple times, but then last December, we stopped by a supercuts/greatclips whatever it was called... It was out of convenience...
It was so short, we were worried he would not need another haircut until he was 10!

So, when his hair was FINALLY ready to be cut, we went back to Pigtails and Crewcuts.


  1. It did turn out CUTE! I'm glad you found a place you like. I'm in search of a place for me to get my hair cut. My guy moved oh so far away. I need a cut big time.


  2. What a handsome little man. Funny, my little man got his cut today. lol. I'm off to do mine tomorrow. Guess it's that time.

  3. He looks cute as always!

    Happy WW, sweetie!

  4. I made the mistake of taking my son to a Cost Cutters once. I'll never make that mistake again! She did such a bad job I had to fix it when we got home! Your little man's new look is great!

  5. He is so handsome! New follower from Dear Crissy... http://ineedaplaydate.blogspot.com

  6. He looks so adorable. It doesn't matter where you get his haircut, you could do anything to that child and he would be gorgeous!
    Give him a hug for me.


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