Zip Bin- Road and Rail- Review

Broxton has plenty of toys...
From stuffed animals, to balls...
Trains and cars...

Trains and cars are his favorite!
He puts his cars on the train tracks...
He races the trains with the cars...

The one problem we have...
Storage of all those train tracks!
I like to keep them together, but once you open the pack, they no longer have their own "place."
Until Zip Bins.

We were able to review the Zip Bin Road and Rail.
Can I just say...

Have you heard of these?
Do you have kids?
If so, you have got to get one/two or several!

Let me tell you..
We picked the road and rail because of all of the toys...
but, I think we need to get more.
If anything, because it is storage... and another toy!
Let me tell you about ours..
It is a bin that zips up into a box to close...
That has a lid.
That means perfect for storage.
The Zip Bin Road and Rail opens up to have a little town on it...
With roads and a rail road track.
See how it holds a little of everything?
You store all of your cars and train stuff in it...
Then, you can UNZIP it to have a play area.
It isn't just a little play area either.
No, I am not saying it is a placemat...
Nor am I saying it is a whole room...
I am saying it is perfect!
Broxton had to be silly to show me just how big it was!
When it came, we had the boys here...
One of them still loves his hot wheels, so he was like "WHOA! That is so awesome!"
See, kids of all ages love it!

The best thing, it could be packed up for travel!
Say you are going out of town for a week...
You know you will need toys to keep the little one busy...
Just grab your zip bin (everything should be in it already from when you cleaned it up) and go!
Not only does it zip into a box and have a lid...
It also has the sides cut for hand grips!
See how he has both his Dinosaur Train and his Chuck trucks on there together?

Now, just because I am showing you the amazing toy we got for Broxton, that does not mean that they do not cater to little girls!
They have Mansions and Castles...
and for the Barbie lover... A ZIP BIN DREAM HOUSE!

Side note, if you are not wanting something so big, but still like the idea...
We also now own the Racer Play Pack!
(It is a book bag looking thing, in the shape of a car, that once unzipped is a racetrack!)

***** Spring Cleaning now? It would be a perfect time to invest in these to declutter the toy room! (While also adding a neat addition!) *****

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FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I love that it has section to hold different parts of the train set.

  2. I love Zip Bins…what a cute pic of your cutie pie :)

  3. That is so cool... I know my grandson would love that.
    I adore the photo of Broxton lying on it, too cute!

  4. I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!! Wait, Im the adult right?? LOL

  5. I love the idea of dumping everything into a bin and viola, it clean and tidy. I tend to do that with my closets, but then it's really scary to open the door. arobimom at gmail dot com


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