Being a Mommy - What did I do before?

I never thought I would be so lucky to be where I am now.
I used to work in a sports bar, crazy hours. That meant crazy sleep hours to. I used to never see 7 am (unless it was a late night). Now, I try to sneak in a few hours, for I know we rise and shine early now!
Broxton has brought me a love and happiness that I never knew. I can just watch him playing and I notice a smile sneak up on my face. Or when he gets to being silly and I start to laugh. Its not even monumental thing, but everyday pleasures of life.
The way he has to run, always in a hurry... Especially when its time to kiss mommy and daddy. And get this, we get kisses and hugs JUST BECAUSE!
Seeing him sitting and playing, learning everday.
He can play with his cars & trucks on and on again.
Playing ball... Soccer? Football? It is fun, no matter what! Even just rolling them back and forth to each other!
This little boy will never ever understand just how much he means to me... But I plan on doing my best to show him!


  1. I think about this too! Last week we had date night and BoBo stayed with his cousins over night. When it was time to go to bed, Hubs and I both wanted to go kiss him goodnight, we were missing him!!! Never think any moment with your children, family, and friends are "non"monumental!
    Miss ya, and we will be in GA soon, we must get together!!

  2. Your heart is completely full, isn't it? I love this!

  3. Isn't it the best job and most rewarding job in the world!?


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