Does your child write? Raising Confident Readers - Book Review

I heard about that school in Maine that gave Ipads to their kindergarten class.
Yes, I love the idea of them learning, but what about the basics of writing?

I see more and more emails...
More and more e-cards and text messages.
Which means...
Less and Less writing.
Hand written letters, "snail mail" cards...

I for one am still a firm believer in sending Thank You NOTES.
(Thanks mom, that is something that Broxton WILL pick up.)
That means, handwritten message, stamps... snail mail.

But, with technology advancing as fast as it does, where does that leave handwriting?
I really hope that they still teach that when Broxton starts kindergarten!

We go outside and color and draw.
I write the ABC's and the 123's.
We read.
I don't want to lose this.

With that being said...
I am reading "Raising Confident Readers" by Dr. J. Richard Gentry.
This book is How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write - from Baby to Age 7.

While reading this, I have learned not to be put off by the technology, but to embrace it!
Think of all the different activities that they can do and learn from!

Dr. Gentry shares that the way to do this is pretty easy!
Basically, 3 steps.
Step 1 - Get off to an early start: Enjoy Loving Literacy Interactions with Your Child.
Step 2 - Know the Reading Phases: The Early Milestones for Monitoring Progress
Step 3 - Engage Your Child With the Right Literacy Activity at the Right Time

I love how he breaks it down into Phases.
(and relates it to the tadpole!)
BUT, the neatest part in the book to me was when he was talking about the hours spent reading.
Based upon research, he has figured that based upon hours, you will not be an "expert" reader until college, but if you get some hours in before kindergarten, that is a drastic improvement!
Also, think about it...
The brain is still learning so much right now, the earlier we read and teach, the more comprehension they will keep!

Now, this is not saying that you have to read this book and start teaching your newborn how to read...
It is giving guidelines and helpful advice for the parents that want to have an "early start" if you will.
On page 11 of the book, Dr. Gentry explains his Pyramid Model for teaching your child to read.
With the pyramid, you will need to establish the phase that your child is currently in.

Chapter 1 : Start Early
Nurture Your Child's Brain as It Grows into Reading.
This section basically is explaining your babies brain at this stage.

Chapter 2 : The Brain-Based Formula
Repetition- Enthusiasm - Attention - Drawing
(did you see if you put the first letters together, it spells READ)
This also breaks down some of the phases for us to figure out.

Chapter 3: Find Your Child's Phase
Determine Where to Go and What to Do Next to Raise YOUR Confident Reader

Now, besides all the reading and explaining, there are also graphs and charts to help along the way.
I'm telling you, I am not wishing for Broxton to hurry up and grow, as I think he is growing fast enough as it is...
But, these letters and drawings that are in here are just too cute!
I can only imagine what we will have on our fridge!

I am glad that we read and write as it is...
and I am lucky that we now have this book to add to our library of educational information!

Just remember, reading to your little one does more than just teaches them.
It also gives time for you to bond.

If this is something you want to do, but you do not know where to start...
Purchase the book.
It has all the helpful tools you need to know!
(Including suggested books and additional material!)

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  1. It's wonderful to have some sort of basic guidelines with which to work!

  2. I have always wondered how to help my daughter grow with confidence. It's something I hope for her so I think this is so important!


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