Can you help "Save Prom"? VERY SHORT NOTICE

I just received this email and I immediately wanted to share with you...
I did not even think about the seniors that lost everything for their Prom with the tornado.

Now, I did not go to mine...
Had no desire to, but I do know that there were many girls that planned and planned for that special night!

So, if you have anything to donate...
Will you?
Also, if you have a blog, or facebook or twitter..
Will you please share this information?
If it even means one dress or jacket or even a tie is donated...
I know it will mean so much to them.
Even if they can forget the destruction for one night.
That might be what they need to help deal with all that they have lost.

Seniors in Trenton; Dade County lost everything during recent tornado.
Prom Dresses, Sports Jackets and Ties needed.
By tomorrow - May 6th

Sizes- Whatever you are willing to donate
Drop Off Location - Calhoun Armory; Calhoun, Georgia
( soldier will take it to teacher in Dalton, Ga)

Diane Sheppard - New Hope Middle School
1111 New Hope Road; Dalton, Ga 30721

Trenton United Methodist Church
Pastor - Reece Fauscett
12500 North Main Street; Trenton, Ga 30752

If you want/need more information, please contact Diane Sheppard or Trenton United Methodist Church at the above information.

On behalf of the seniors of Trenton High School, THANK YOU.

***** UPDATE: *****
They are working with Becca's Closet in providing any addition attire for those in need...
Please click here to learn how you can help with donating to Becca's Closet.


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