Back to School Ready? @FiveFingersTees Review

You know all the funny t-shirts you see everyone wearing?
They have all the hilarious sayings...
Or maybe they remind you of a quote from a movie or TV show you like...

Well, I found a great site that has a HUGE variety and they are actually affordable!!!!
Five Finger Tees!
We looked and found shirts for the 3 school aged boys...
Of course, with the 15 year old....
FACEBOOK was all him!!!!!
He got the "You Like This" shirt!
So typical!

The 13 year old....
He is a hugger!
Especially when he thinks it will keep him out of trouble :)
So, my shirt choice for him?

Finally, the 10 year old...
Wow, does he like to sleep...
Although he fights it to begin with...
He got the shirt, "I'd Rather Be Sleeping."

I think they are all great choices!
They LOVE their shirts!
They immediately had to wear them that day!!!

We went bowling and of course, one lady quickly noticed the FREE HUGS!
(Being bright yellow, how could you not?!)
He gave out the free hug and made her smile!!!!

The great thing about Five Finger Tees?
They are all made in the USA!
From the design to the printing...
Shipping to customer service...
It all takes place in Boston!

They are great shirts and at $9.99, you can not beat it!
They even have mystery shirts for $4.99 a piece!
(How cool is that? I love it, great gift!)

Last thing, for TV fans...
If you are a gLee fan...
( I know I am not the only one!)
So, if you are looking for a few t-shirts to get ready for back to school...
Five Finger Tees has you covered...

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