Just a kid whose four... Caillou Goes Back to School DVD Review

We Love Caillou!
He comes on PBS, which just might be one of our favorite channels!
The song comes on...
We sing, Broxton dances... and then we watch and learn.

I was so happy when Caillou Goes Back to School Arrived!
I knew that Broxton would be happy, as we could put it on for road trips!
I was happy because it was episodes we loved!!!!

I had never seen the episode where they went to the library, so I loved watching that with Broxton.
We love reading... so this was great!
Top it off, Caillou and Rosie were fighting over the book and ripped the page, Broxton got to see that you have to be careful with books, so I was very pleased with that!

One of my favorite episodes is when they play with magnets!
Yep! The simple things!
Broxton loves magnets...
With this episode, they play with magnets and learn that magnets will stick to many different things.
The best part is when Caillou helps his dad get something he dropped by going magnet fishing!!!

Broxton also loves the episode when they go to the museum, since he loves "dino's" so much!
It is also on here!!!

Last thing...
(We have not taken advantage of this ... YET. But we will soon!)
They have several special features on this!!
From interactive games to a message to parents!
This DVD has it all!

So, if you have a fan of Caillou ...
Get this DVD now!

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