Make It Easy - @NameBubbles Review

With an un-common name like Broxton, we do not have the luxury of finding items with his name already on it.
Some kids get to pick up pencils and what not that is already labeled with their name...
Not here!

Lucky for us, Name Bubbles works great for us!
We were sent the Childcare Pack.
They have so many selections that really make them customized just for you!

With the Childcare Pack...
You start with selecting your style:
Solid, Bi-level, Circle or Stripe.
Then, you pick your color pallet, which they have tons of colors to choose from!
Next, you pick your Icon and finally you pick your shape!

After that, you wait for them to arrive.
Once you open your package with Name Bubbles included, you are WOWED!
They look great and really work!

We immediately had to label Broxton's cups!
They have been dropped, washed, rolled on the ground and ran through the dishwasher.
They still look as great as the first day we put them on!!!!

With Broxton not being in school yet, we have not had to label his things...
BUT, with me wanting to start the gym...
(That means putting him in the gym daycare... )
We will be labeling more items soon!

Just think, Broxton and another child might have the same cup, but we can teach Broxton to make sure to see his name/sticker on his first...
That way HE KNOWS it is his!!!!

I love that the Childcare pack comes in a variety of shapes and sizes!
They literally have you covered!!!!

I hear that they are great for laundry too!
Now, I plan on using these for Broxton's jackets and what not!
I figure, if I am this impressed with them being dishwasher proof, they will surely continue to impress me with the laundry!!!!

If you are having a hard time deciding what to get the kid that has everything...
Or even a mommy to be that has the name set in stone...
Why not make life a bit easier?
Go ahead and give them the gift that simplifies life...
and makes the kid happy knowing that their cup... is that...

I was worried with it being a sticker that Broxton was going to want to peel it off..
Or worse than try to peel it off, that he WOULD peel it off.
Not yet!
I am sure he has tried, but it is not going anywhere!!!!
For sure, this is a must have for little ones!
Whether they are starting school for the first time, or starting back the new year!

As I said, make it easy...
No more figuring out what belongs to who...
Just label it and head on to other things!!!!

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  1. This is such a neat idea! I have the same issue with Broxton finding my name on things, and it would be great if the mothers in the nursery labeled their childs cups!


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