How to Talk to an Autistic Kid - Review

A friend of mine has a child who is Autistic.
I hate to say it, but I never really thought much about it.
I know it is hard having an Autistic child, but I never thought about how others reactions may make them feel, or anything like that.
Not being mean, just uneducated, I guess.

The whole thing started when I read a poll in the paper.
It asked how parents felt about other adults stepping in and correcting a kid in public.
One lady said that it actually helped with her, as she had reprimanded her child and he still acted out, so a complete stranger stepped in and simply said that he needed to mind his mom, as he was being disrespectful.
Turns out, the child acted right and then had a long talk with his mom that night about the fact that he didn't realize how bad he was until a stranger called him on it...
That was when another parent said it should be a case by case situation...
As her son was autistic and it would just make things worse in her case...

That made me think, what did she actually mean?
So, I was so happy when Free Spirit Publishing gave me the chance to review a book:
How to Talk to an Autistic Kid by Daniel Stefanski.
The best part?
He is autistic!!!!

In the very beginning, it is explained in a way that I like:
"Not all people with autism are exactly alike, just like not all kids or teenagers are exactly alike."

You see, Daniel was diagnosed with Autism when he was 9.
He wrote this book, not only to help everyone know how to talk to a child who is Autistic, but also to help people get along better.
I never really gave it thought, but kids can be cruel.
Sometimes not even meaning to be that way, but it happens.

After reading this book, I think that all libraries should carry it, and it should be read...
If only to open the eyes to more people!
Actually, when Daniel talks about how the fact that when they are interested in something that they learn everything that they can...
How awesome would that be to have a friend that can know so much?!

One key point:
Say hey!
That seems pretty simple, no one likes to be ignored!
Also, he reminds you to be patient.
He gets twisted in his words when he is talking... You know we have all been in that situation before, so just be patient!!!

I was appreciative when he said that those with Autism take everything you say literally.
I had no clue, but now I do!
Once again, I did not know that those with Autism were not that great at team sports, but individual sports were good for them.

It seemed like every page I turned, I learned more and more...
Not only about how to "talk" to someone who is Autistic, but to also relate...

Daniel even points out, "It's easy to be a good friend to an autistic kid. Ask about my life."
Something to think about!

So, how did Daniel sum up talking to an autistic kid?
"Respectfully, Kindly, Compassionately, Eagerly, Thoughtfully, Helpfully and Patiently!"

I am glad I was able to read this and learn...
If you know anyone with autism, this might have been common sense for you, but for me, it was educational.

As I said, I think this is a great addition to all libraries.
Also, if you have a child that has been diagnosed, I think that this would be a great book to read with your family to know what to expect.

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