I'm Ready to go back to the Creative Discovery Museum! It was so fun!!!

Day Two:

Broxton loves Bob the Builder.
I love how they all work together to get the job done and at times, the machinery reminds me of little kids how they let their minds wander...
I was so excited to hear that the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga had a Bob the Builder Exhibit going on while we were there.
Of course, I contacted them to see if I could come check it out and in turn, share it with you...
Luckily for all of us, they said YES!!!!
As if the playground looking atmosphere up on the roof doesn't call you to come check it out...
I know that the different sculptures out front will!
Just look at Broxton's excitement!
I had a huge grin on my face when I walked in to see a Big Belly Bank!
(You know we love them, remember my review on Buddy?!)
When you first enter, there is just so much in every direction!
We let Broxton choose where to start.
We first started with the water.
They had boats and ducks.
You could pour the water or squirt it!
There was so much to see and do, but I knew he was going to LOVE the dinosaur area!
I even enjoyed it and I am normally bored!
It is so cute and so hands on, I see why kids love them now!
At the museum, you can see a Dino skeleton.
You can also listen to how they sound.
The coolest to me was the sand area.
In this area, you had where you could brush away to find dinosaur fossils and what not!
(Oh, also in each area, they have where you can dress up to pertain to that area. In the water area, it was smocks. In the dinosaur area, it was a beige vest type like you would expect a paleontologist to wear!)
After playing in that area...
(That wasn't even half of what there was to do there, but I do want you to get to go and experience the excitement like we did, not just tell you EVERYTHING now...)

We moved to the art area:
They had origami, playing with clay, stamping, coloring, rubbing, you name it...
They had it!
We then ventured to the music area.
This area had every single type of musical instrument you could think of represented.
From drums to guitars, pianos to weird things I have never seen!
Broxton and Marc had fun in the studio.
They worked on a song and (yelling) and then got to play it back to hear them:
If music isn't your thing, you can also take place in making your dreams come true of being on the stage...
Or recording your own puppet show!

After the music and entertainment...
We had to go back to the art area...
That was when I was able to capture this:
Marc doing face painting on Broxton!
I think the end result looks pretty cute!
Now guess where we headed!
To see Bob and Wendy and the gang!!!!
When you first walk into the exhibit, you are greeted by Bob.
At this point, you can check out where he lives and even sit to watch a few clips from his show!
After visiting with Bob, you can either head over and help Wendy in her garden, or you can choose to go and hang out with the gang.
Each one has where you can press a button to hear them talk!
If the smaller version is more your speed, you can surely stop and play around there for a bit!
We then went to venture outside to see what was all on the roof.
Broxton and Marc had so much fun playing with all the different things to see what they did.
They even worked a pulley that allowed Broxton to sit in a chair and be lifted up!
As you can imagine, I am just highlighting a couple things here and there...
I really want to go back so that we can spend the day there!
I know Broxton would love more time to explore!
His favorite out of everything?
The air and the different balls.
In this one, you pressed a button and it blew air out of a tube.
Broxton would then throw the ball in to the air passage and the air would keep it up in the air, versus dropping back to the ground!
He did this over and over with all sorts of different sizes!!!!
Right before we left, we had to swing by the Check In Station...
Broxton has decided that his calling is in medicine!
Doesn't he make a great looking doctor?!
I loved this place!
They even have a play area if you have a kid that is younger and just not into all of this yet!
We had so much fun and as I mentioned, we will be back!
The fact that there is SO MUCH to do and it is learning too!!!
Can't be beat!!!

Be sure to follow Creative Discovery Museum on facebook so you can see when they release information about their new exhibits!
Bob the Builder is only there until September 11.

Have you ever been to a place like this?!

***** We received complimentary passes. All opinions (and photos) are my own.******


  1. JDaniel says that this looks fun to me!

  2. My boys were big fans of Bob! How fun! Great pics as always, Noelle!

  3. Yes, Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa. :)

  4. I think he made a good choice in favorite activities. That did look fun! Actually, there is a lot to do there so I can absolutely see why you need to go again for longer!

  5. Boy I sure wish tey had something like that here for children! It expands their minds and teaching them so many wonderful things.

  6. Thank you for coming to visit us at Creative Discovery Museum! We are happy to provide a $2 discount to military families. We hope you will come again.


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