We saw an UNDERGROUND Waterfall @visitlookoutmtn Ruby Falls

Continuing on with my post of Chattanooga, it's time to tell you about Day Two!

Now, my mom can not remember if we went there before...
I could have sworn that we had, but now...
I am not so sure...
Either way, we went and it was pretty awesome!
Once again, if you want to read all about it (and you know you do) head on over to visit their website after you read about our adventure.

I will just tell you, Ruby Falls is an UNDERGROUND waterfall!
How cool is that?!

We got there and immediately got in line to go down.
You take an elevator all the way down and then work your way around the cavern!
Oh and get this...
It is always 60 degrees down there!!!
( I did read on their site that although it is always 60 degrees, the humidity can make it feel like it is 70 degrees, either way, pretty cool versus the 100 degrees outside!)

So,on to our adventure:
You take an elevator down...
Oh, let me tell you something you might just want to know...
This tour is not for those with a stroller or those in wheelchairs.
The pathway is just not able to accommodate.
We took the elevator down and when we get out, we were greeted by photographers ready to take your family photo, just like they did at Rock City.
Then, you wait for the rest of your group to get down the elevators...
(They ended up having 3 elevator loads in our group)
This was perfect for a quick photo shoot with Broxton:
Once everyone is there, you start your journey towards the waterfall and you see several different rock formations.
Now, Mr. Brent (our tour guide) gave us the right terminology to use, but I have forgotten...
This is when the tour first starts...
You can see Mr. Brent if you look really close:
This was looking at how the rocks grow from both the top and the bottom:
It was so neat seeing all the different rock shapes.
Add to it, they had some pretty creative and imaginative people working when they named them...
This here is FISH.
They also had Tobacco Leaves, Meat and Potatoes, Bacon and several other names!
(Do you see it resembling a fish?)
As you walked and looked at all the different rocks, you would occasionally come to beautiful area's like this:
(Not sure what it was called)
Then you get to it.
That amazingly beautiful waterfall.
Mr. Brent said that when we looked at our pictures, we would see water droplets.
He informed us that it was not water on the lens, but rather the flash hitting the water molecules in the air:
We turned off the flash and look:
Mr. Brent also let us know, the lights come on for 8 minutes.
During that 8 minutes, you walk around the circle (it is on the path) and can see the waterfall from all different angles.
Once the 8 minutes is over, sure enough...
Pitch black!
This is the shot that Marc got as we went under/behind it:
I thought it was really cool that they have 8 minutes of lights...
That they change the lights all different colors just makes it that more interesting.

I do wish that they had a photographer at that point for family photos!
I sure enough would have bought one if they did.
Kinda hard to get one of the three of us and the waterfall.
I did notice Mr. Brent took a couple pictures for people, but Broxton wasn't really cooperating at that point, so I did not even try!

Once you see that beauty, you continue the rest of the tour.
They have more rock formations with crazy names...
They even had an area that was called "Atlanta!"
It looked like the skyscrapers in Atlanta.

The best part was the end for Broxton.
He was excited when Mr. Brent mentioned that once the tour was over, you could go and play on the playground!!!
Wooo Hooo!
So, we took the elevator back up to the top and while Marc went to the observation area:
This was the view he saw:
Broxton and I went to the Playground:
They had a really cool play area.
While there, you could also buy a bag of dirt and go gem stone panning!

With so much to do, you know you want to head over and visit!!!
Just remember to follow Ruby Falls on Facebook and Twitter.

***** We were given complimentary passes to Ruby Falls.
All opinions (and photos) are my own!*****


  1. The playground looks wonderful. JDaniel would love exploring the rocks.

  2. My husband and I got engaged on Lookout Mountain 8+ years ago :) I haven't been back since but we will have to take our daughter soon!

  3. Amazing pictures of your visit. An interesting place to be.

  4. Went to this thing too while visiting in Atlanta we drove to Chattanooga. Also went to Rock City. Both were pretty good.

  5. I think I went when I was little, but don't remember it.


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