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Day One: Lodging
Chattanooga Choo Choo

If you have been visiting my blog the past couple days, you have read about our trip to Rock City and to the Tennessee Aquarium.
Well, guess where we stayed?
When we went up to visit for the day, we of course had to stop and visit the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo!
Once I saw it, I thought it would be an amazing and unforgettable trip if we could actually spend the night in one of their Victorian Train Cars!

As with all of my postings, if you want to learn more about it...
(And you should!)
Head on over to their website and read all about the history of the Chattanooga Choo Choo!
I will tell you that Terminal Station was erected in 1908 and that it came to be the Chattanooga Choo Choo in 1973...
When you pull up to the Choo Choo...
You are greeted with a humongous terminal station.
Once you park to go register...
These beautiful doors await you.
Step inside and the main area is just breathtakingly amazing!
As I said, we had the chance to stay in one of their Victorian Train Cars!
This is just amazing.
Once you are "all aboard" you open your door to this:
Okay, this isn't technically what you open your door to, but this is what your room looks like.
You open your door and there is this wall (it divides your door entry way from the bathroom.)
You walk down a small hallway (the length of the bathroom) and then you see your room.

Oh, I had to ask....
Do all train cars come with a TV, an air conditioner and a bathroom?
Hey, I would rather ask and know for certain versus risk it and find out one of my necessities was missing!
(The answer to all above: YES!)

BUT - I will tell you...
The train car is HOT.
Okay, the temperature outside was 99, I think...
No telling what the heat index was, but it was hot as anything.
We got to the room and first things first, turned that air down to get it cold.
It was hot in there...
Think about it, it is a metal box.
(I would SO LOVE to go there during the winter!!! I LOVE cold!)
So, we headed back out to sight see and to let the room cool down.
When we got back, it was still hot.
Okay, it wasn't sweltering, but it was hot to me...
It was registering 81 degrees.
We stopped by the front desk to see what was going on.
They told us that they would send maintenance to check it out, but that it should cool down once the sun went down.
When we got back to the room that night, it was at 75 degrees.
I was so worried that it would not cool down... I can not sleep in heat.
Well, sure enough...
It cooled down!
We woke up to it being 60 something degrees!
It was perfect! I like to be cold and snuggle up in my blankets and that was how I was awakened.

So, back to the room.
If you noticed the picture, there is a daybed (that also has a trundle under it.)
There is a cute little sitting area with a table and two chairs.
Also, there was a desk, of course the TV and a dresser.
The bed had a night stand on each side.

The cutest thing to me was the lights.
If you look at the picture again, you see the luggage rack going around the top?
There are also lights under it, just like how they were on the original train!

Broxton could not understand why he was not able to "ride" the choo choo...
He kept wanting it to move.

We did go out and explore more around the hotel property.
They actually have the Victorian Train Cars, but they also have 3 hotel buildings as well.
We went for a swim in the indoor pool.
(They have one indoor pool and two outdoor pools.)

Also on the hotel grounds, they have a beautifully landscaped courtyard.
Some have ponds, some have flower gardens, some have fountains.
Each are perfect!
We enjoyed the night and then the next morning, we headed to one of their restaurants, The Garden.
That is where they serve a breakfast buffet until 11.
They had a bit of everything, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruits, cereal, muffins...
It was delicious!
Get this, they had scrambled eggs on the buffet, but if sunny side up is more your thing, all you had to do was ask your server and they would get them made for you!!!!
(Bonus points, they gave Broxton a Choo Choo coloring page!)

Also on the grounds is the Model Railroad Museum.
Marc enjoyed that, as he was familiar with the area with his job.
Broxton enjoyed it...
Because they even had Thomas!!!!
Right up front!
I enjoyed looking at all the scenes that they had created!
See that?
It's the Chattanooga Choo Choo Terminal!
Of course, you have to have one of the Rock City Barns!!!
Now, I would not stay in the Train Car for a long time, but I would love to stay at that property again.
I think the ideal situation would be, stay for a night or two in the train car, then get a room in one of their buildings.
Get the best of both worlds!

Besides the beautiful landscaping and layout...
They also offer shopping all right there together!
Top it off, you can also do one of those old fashioned photo's and cool down with a nice scoop of ice cream!
(I do want to go back to check out one of their restaurants, They sing during the dinner service!) So, lodging, food, entertainment, shopping...
All right there at the train terminal!

I can not wait to see how they decorate everything for the holiday season!

Have you ever been to the Chattanooga Choo Choo?
Have you ever slept in a train car?
Don't you want to now?
Don't forget to follow Chattanooga Choo Choo on Facebook and Twitter!

***** We were given a discount on the room rate for the Victorian Train Car at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. All thoughts and opinions (and pictures) are my own!*****


  1. What an awesome vacation idea. Sounds like fun esp. When my tot is a train fan. Great pictures! Would love for you to visit me n follow at mommiesandbeyond dot com and @craftsexaminer

  2. I'll have to stop back when I have more time to read, but looks and sounds like a great getaway. Love that first shot!

  3. You have just made my day even better thank you.This is where we are going on vacation too very soon.And we are staying in the train cars also.You have awesome pictures.

  4. they want WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for that room ,ok its a train car , but wasn't that comfy, the bathreeo was cramped, it was cool but not 350.00 dolars a nite cool way over priced .... sorry, not doing that again......nice hotel but too over priced for what it is

  5. In response to Anonymous:
    I am not sure when you went, but the rates are not $350.00 a night. You can add the different packages (tickets to attractions around there) to raise the rate from just the train car.
    I agree that the bathrooms are small, that was why I mentioned staying for a night or two (for the experience)then getting one of their regular rooms.
    Thank you for visiting.

  6. there is currently a groupon for a night in a train car. we live in huntsville, so the drive is only about an hour and a half for us. we plan on taking our kids for our three year old's birthday. i was googling reviews of the rooms and found this post. thanks for the info!


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