Just a HINT for back to school snacks!

I blogged before about how I enjoy HINT water.
Now, don't get me wrong...
I am not a huge fan of water.
I don't hate it, but I know for sure that I do not drink as much as I should...

Because there is no flavor!
It is rather boring to me.
Yes, you can add the flavored drink mixes, but that just ruins the whole drinking water thing...
That is why I enjoy HINT water.
It is good and it isn't full of all the powdered drink mix.

HINT water comes with just a little "hint" of flavor.
I love it, Broxton and Marc both drink it from time to time!!!
I have actually given it to the delivery guy too!
It is great and it makes you not dread the daily water amount that we need to be drinking!

They have several great flavors and I am still having a hard time picking the one I like the best!

I think that with school back in, Hint would be great to have at home!
Think about it, all day long at school...
I know we did not drink that much...
Just at lunch, so to have a big bottle of cold Hint waiting once they get home from school would be nice and refreshing!
Don't forget, school sports also bring on needing to make sure kids are hydrated!
I know if I needed to hydrate, I would grab a Hint before a plain boring water any day!!!!

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  1. I bring a bottle of water to school every day, definitely have to try this


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