This Ain't Nothin - SO PROUD, Why I Love My Husband

Marc loves his motorcycle...
That of course means that he has joined a motorcycle club.
Well, they just hosted an event to try and help "rebuild" Alabama.

Please watch this video...
I cried, you knew I would!!!!
Just look at all the bikers!!!!

As if I wasn't proud enough of him for being a soldier, I can now add this to the long list of why I love my husband!!!

Don't you think that is just so cool?


  1. Got me crying.. this is beautiful! Thank your sharing! I remember all the help coming in to help my brother in law's town when his home was destroyed in the tornado this year.

  2. Yes, this is indeed beautiful!!! And thank you so much for sharing this, sweetie!

  3. I just love Marc, too!
    He is the ultimate hero in ever sense of the word.
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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