Weekend Take Me Back - My Brother was RAN over!

Did I tell you about the time my brother was ran over?
For real...
This is not a joke.
He is okay, this was a few years ago...
But I have to warn you...
I am adding pictures to it, they are kind of nasty...
So, if you have a weak stomach, you might want to not to look.

I live in Atlanta and he was still living at home.
It was his senior year and they had just had graduation practice.
My parents were both out of town and he had a "few friends" over to hang out before graduation.
Everyone was there hanging out having a good time.
One of his friends came over to show off the jeep that he just got for a graduation gift.

Anyways, he was going out to check the mail.
He got the mail and was heading back to the house when he remembered that he had forgotten to pick up the newspaper.
He bent down to get it, at the same time, the buddy with the new jeep decided he was leaving.
He hopped in the jeep, took a quick glance back (he had a huge spare tire on the back.)
He floored it!
My brother thought he was just messing around, but nope...
He hit Ashton!
Like BOOM! Hit HIM!

People were yelling, but by the time he heard them, my brother had his "battle wounds" to prove the day!
Now, my parents were out of town (and I still have no clue why he didn't call me) ...
So, no calls were made.
He and his friends played "doctor" trying to fix him up.
Later on that night, they FINALLY talked him into going to the hospital to have it looked at.

Here are what his clothes looked like after the incident:
He was okay, just major road rash all over him.
Once my parents saw him... and new he was okay...
Then, we were all quick to be happy that he didn't mess up his face!
I mean, graduation day!
It would have been ruined!
This is just some of it, it was on his arm, his hands, his stomach....
It was funny though, he had to be all wrapped up and could not bend his arm...
So, when it was his turn to walk across that stage, he did sort of stand out! :)
But either way, we are so very proud of him!!!!
(Doesn't he clean up nice?!)


  1. I am glad he was okay. What a terrible thing to have happen!

  2. Glad he was okay after that!

  3. My son once was hit while riding his bicycle by a lady who failed to stop at a stop sign. His bike went under the car and he went over the car--thank goodness! The bike was toast, and the lady bought him a new one. He was banged up a bit, but otherwise okay. Scary!

  4. Oh geez! I'm glad he was okay!

    My husband was hit by a car before I met him. I'm glad it wasn't *after* I knew him, because I probably would have had a heart attack at getting that phone call!

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  5. Glad he was OK - but OUCH!
    I think he should have called you, too.
    Young boys don't know what they are thinking when they are with their friends. Dummies!


  6. Ouch!!!

    That's a crazy story. It seems like a guy thing to do to not go into to the hospital.

    Does he have any scars?

    Do you have any scars from your childhood?

    I have 1 from glass that fell out of our front door. It landed on my leg. Mica has a scar above his lip. I always wonder if he'll be able to grow a mustache. Isaak got stitches in his forehead because he fell, and hit it on my sister's coffee table.


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