Emerald Nuts: Breakfast on the Go teams up with Labels for Education

I reviewed Emerald Nuts: Breakfast on the Go in the past...
Remember, they were delicious!!!!

I just received an email letting me know that they have now teamed up with Labels for Education.
That was news that I just had to share!!!!

Here is the email I received:
With school in full swing it can be a struggle for families and students as they transition to the back-to-school routine. Getting up early, getting to class on time and going from school to activities can leave students in a time crunch.

As discovered in a survey from Emerald Breakfast on the go! - hunger strikes many people in the mid afternoon around 3:30 p.m., right around the time students are going from class to sports practice or after-school lessons.

Instead of grabbing something from the vending machine or stopping by a convenience store, kids can pack a convenient Breakfast on the go! pouch in a school bag to help those after school cravings.

Parents don't need to worry about kids trying to prepare their after school snack by themselves because Breakfast on the go! is conveniently packaged with Emerald nuts, crunchy granola clusters and dried fruit, giving kids the energy they need to make it through activity-filled afternoons.

And, while Breakfast on the go! helps fuel up kids outside the classroom, Breakfast on the go! can help kids in the classroom, too.

Emerald Nuts has paired with Labels for Education to provide free educational resources like art supplies, technology and playground equipment to schools across the country. Starting with the Campbell family of brands, Labels for Education partners with more than 40 brand products like Pop Secret and now Emerald Nuts. Breakfast on the go! is worth 10 points, the highest point value.

Kids can benefit from Breakfast on the go!, whether it's an energy-packed snack or a way to help out their school.

***** I was not required to post this, I just like that they have teamed up with Labels for Education and I wanted to make sure you knew as well!*****


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