#HolidayGift Guide - Smarks Talking Blocks - Review

We have been reviewing one of the coolest toys that I think I have seen in quite some time!
Do you know someone who loves building things?
Broxton loves to build and stack and play and tear down.
Over and over again!!!
Then, I saw them!
Smarks Talking Kids Blocks!
We received the Smarks 70 Piece Building Set.
They are big building blocks, perfect for little hands!
I love that they come in a nice sized sturdy box.
(With room for the additional blocks in there!)
The box made it perfect for us to take them with us when we went to my parents house for the weekend!!!
We just threw the box in the back of the car... Got there and Broxton carried the box in!

What makes Smarks so special?
Well, there are several reasons...
Let me tell you a few that I like the best:

One -
They help to learn your numbers!

Two -
They help you to learn your shapes!
(No picture of this... But, they talk!)
Example - There is a pink block and it says,
" I am pink like a flamingo, but I don't know it's lingo."

You see, there are 70 basic blocks... (They do not talk.)
Then, you can purchase the additional packages with the talking blocks.
(They come in 3 per package.)
The great thing, is each package is based upon age...
Meaning, you can buy some now, then purchase more each year as additional gifts...

They offer blocks that teach nursery rhymes...
Math (this one is pretty cool, you put a Smark block on a 2 block and it will say something like, you placed me on a 2 block. 2 plus 2 equals 4.)
They also have blocks that teach them the ABC's and their shapes.
Broxton's favorite blocks are the ones that light up and play music.
He loves making those go over and over again!

The thing I like most, they aren't so loud that they become one of "those annoying toys."
They teach, they are fun...
They are cute little Smarks!!!!
Want to hear something pretty cool?
Scott with Smarks is offering you a pretty cool deal just for the holidays!!!
Head on over to AMAZON and purchase the Smarks 70 piece building set.
Email Scott and let him know you purchased them and he will include a set of the SMART BLOCKS for FREE!!!!!
(That is like a savings of 40%)

Purchase the Smark blocks and you will gain 10 entries to any of the HGG giveaways...
* HGG = Holiday Gift Guide

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


  1. Thanks for the review, great toy that the kids would play with for a long time. The sounds and lights will keep the occupied for a long time. Thank You for the tip on the set of the SMART BLOCKS for FREE.. I will passing this info on the friends and family.

  2. love that the blocks are all in one place; awesome on the Smart Blocks


  3. Grant is just now showing interest in building blocks... these sound wonderful!

  4. These look like so much fun! I especially love the number blocks. What a great, fun way to learn how to count!


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