#holidaygiftguide - Easy Freezer Meals Review

With the holidays, that normally means being busy.
Busy going to parties, busy shopping, busy hosting people.
Busy, Busy, Busy!

Making great tasting meals isn't always on the top of the list...
Not for any reason except for running out of time.
At least time seems to get away from us quite often.

That being said, I was excited for the opportunity to share a great book with you!
The Complete Idiot's Guide has a solution for those nights!
Whether it is due to shopping or due to games.
No matter the case, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Easy Freezer Meals is one that you should have with all of your other cookbooks!

Think about it..
Take one day and dedicate it to cooking several meals.
Then, when you are rushed for time...
Or sick...
Or just really don't feel like cooking...
You can grab a meal already made and dinner is done!!!!

We haven't started making the different meals in here, but I am glad that we have this book.
(Meals will come soon, just as soon as I get the dishes to cook them in!)

As with the Complete Idiot's Guide...
It is an easy read.
For me, that means it will get read!

There are 18 Chapters:
1- Freezing 101
2- Tools of the Trade
3- Shopping and Cooking Strategies
4- Cook for a Weekend, Eat for a Month
5- Traditional Breakfasts
6- Outside-the-Box Breakfasts
7- Appealing Appetizers
8- Satisfying Snacks
9- Let's Do Lunch
10- Soups and Stews
11- Meaty Mains
12- Poultry Pleasers
13- Sensational Seafood
14- Eat Your Vegetables
15- Breads and Grains
16- Sauces and Accompaniments
17- Cakes, Cobblers and Pies
18- More Delicious Desserts

Now, let me try and explain WHY I like this so much...

For starters, they explain the "science of freezing" to get the best results...
(Also explaining what freezes well and what doesn't!)
Next up, they help you with "maximizing your grocery budget" and "holiday strategies."

Now, say you have guests and they are spending a couple nights with you..
Sure, you can serve cereal, go out for breakfast, skip it completely...
OR - have a couple freezer meals made and just pop it in instead of having to wake up and cook!
From Breakfast Burritos to French Toast Casserole.
They have several to choose from.
This is actually a great section for making breakfast (burritos, muffins, sandwiches) that would be perfect for before school/work breakfasts daily!

Speaking of guests or even school..
The appetizers and snacks section had my mouth watering!
They have several options there that would make feeding whomever gets hungry just what they need to satisfy their hunger!
Shrimp Wontons to Pizza Bites, just to get you thinking!

With mealtime, you have options from your seafood to your poultry.
Veggies to breads...
They really have it all in here.
All that is left is for you to start cooking and start getting prepared!

Say you have unexpected dinner guests...
Just pop a freezer meal in and go mingle while it cooks!!!!

I think this is a great book and I am really excited to start testing out the recipes!
(By the way... this is a perfect book for PORTION CONTROL! Dieting? Try this out and it might help in the over eating area!)

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  1. I need to do more of this. It would be great to just pull meals out of the freezer.

  2. I WANT IT! As you know i am freezing dinners for after baby Chris gets here!

  3. Nice book, I so need the tip on the 101 on freezing, i know there are some foods that just don't turn out well when you freeze them.

  4. I especially want to check out the cakes, cobblers, and pies section! Yum! Thanks for the review!


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