The Deep Black Pond - Book Review

Have you heard of the book, The Deep Black Pond by Morgan Kostival ?
We were able to review it and I tell you, the photography in it is very vivid.
Hard to figure out what some things are, but interesting to look at!
I thought Broxton would like it, since it was about a pond and the fish, since he likes them...
But, he was not really into it.
Actually, he could have cared less...
So, I read it, as I wanted to try and understand it...

The story is about a couple of creatures that live in the Deep Black Pond. There is so much Pond Scum that it is all dark and nasty... Which leads to the creatures not being able to see much around them. That makes them a bit nervous as to what is going on around them and not being "social" with the others living in the pond.
There is a King... and a Queen... and a Baron... but none socialize with each other!
The photos show the King and his gold.. The Queen and her mask... the Baron and his protective bubble... and "cuddles" the angry fish!

I will tell you this, it is a book that I have never read anything like before in my life...
And I have read plenty of books... I just really did not get it...
I am going to see if my friends 5 year old might want to read it, because I really have no clue the targeted age on it.
The author says "I write to preserve my child-like imagination that, sadly, too many adults forget how to use." so I was thinking it was for a younger crowd...
I think it might be a book worth checking out before purchasing though...
Just to make sure it will captivate your reader!

The children's adventure The Deep Black Pond takes place on a very special tropical island. The fanciful creatures there inhabit a small pondsituated in the middle of the island. Follow the misadventures of one of these tiny creatures named Mimi the peewee. Learn just how Mimi becomes the very first pink pearl in the world! At the same time, Mimi unknowingly brings together all the other creatures living in the pond by inspiring cooperation and friendship. This fable-like bedtime story will enthrall your little ones, as Mimi meets the Queen of the water lilies, Cuddles the fish, and the mysterious Baron. You will also see the mysteries of the deep through the talented eyes of author/photographer Morgan Kostival, who says, "I write to preserve my child-like imagination that, sadly, too many adults forget how to use."

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