#HolidayGiftGuide - I Believe In You by Marianne Richmond

October was National Anti Bully Month... But that doesn't mean that we should forget about it now that it is over... Each day, a kid somewhere is being bullied... Be it at home or school... From a loved one or a peer.
It is quite sad when you think about it...
Our kids need to know that we believe in them.
We are there for them, cheering all the way!

Marianne Richmond wrote yet another wonderful book.
(We have another of her books that we bought right before Marc deployed that I read to Broxton every night before he went to sleep...)
The latest book from her?
I Believe In You.

As with her other books, it has simple childlike illustrations that are cute enough to capture the attention of the reader, but not so elaborate that it distracts.
This book starts off with:
"You came into our family with a big, BIG job to do,
the one of growing up into the one and only you!"
It then takes us from having a bad day to thinking you aren't smart enough to do something.
It also deals with when a team doesn't pick you or your friends are being wishy-washy...
I love how it states that each day is an adventure and " I believe in you!"

I really enjoyed reading this to Broxton...
I love the message...
I love a book that we can read and reinforce that I believe in him!!!!

This is for sure a must have to go under your tree this year!!!!

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  1. Such a sweet message! It's very important to teach them about bullying at an early age. Kids are starting earlier these days with bullying and it's so sad to see.

  2. This is great! As parents we need to open communication between us and our kids. Mica just got in trouble last week at school for the first time. I was disappointed that he got in trouble, but glad he felt comfortable talking with us!


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