Craft Time is Also a Great Gift Idea

Shirley's PrePackaged Crafts has a great thing going!

Broxton LOVES arts and crafts time...
Each day, we have "school" and we go work on his easel.
We work on shapes, numbers, letters, colors.

We also have different craft activities that we do.
From coloring in our coloring book to glue and leaves...

Each time, it is something fun and different.

I was so happy to have the chance to review for Shirley's PrePackaged Crafts.

It was a relief to me...
Each time I try to come up with something, I get nervous.

Not now!
We reviewed a box from them and it was awesome!
There were craft projects... The items we needed were included.

Broxton was SO EXCITED that one of our crafts was to make a train..
We colored the train... 
Then, we used the sticks (that were included) and connected them together...

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN more about Shirleys PrePackaged Crafts.

Sorry that this post is rather boring, but I can not seem to locate any of the pictures that were taken on draft days!

We still have a couple that we have not done yet.. 

When we do them, I will be sure to post pictures for you to check them out!!!

If you are a home school mom... Or just a mom that wants fun activities with your children, this is a great idea.  (Think... Gift ideas too!)

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