For the Love of Apples! Sidral Mundet Review

If you love apples, you might want to give the Sidral Mundet family of drinks a try!
I tell you, I love apple juice... but just don't drink it that often.
I was excited to try the apple flavored Sidral Mundet, but I was most excited about the fact that they now have a green apple flavor!

Let me share a bit of the Sidral Mundet history with you:
It was started in 1902... Talk about a milestone!  It has long since celebrated its 100th birthday!
Sidral Mundet is an apple flavored soft drink from Mexico.  They originally had the apple flavor, and get this...
Mexican moms used to give it to their kids when they had upset stomach's to keep them hydrated... Actually, the grown ups still drink it today when dealing with the need to be hydrated!
As I mentioned, Sidral has now brought a great new flavor...
Green Apple!

I was able to review both and although the apple tasted good....I do not see me buying it again...
I will for sure be buying the green apple again.. It was that good!!!
I know I won't drink alot at once, as it is really sweet... but I did love it!

Just how sweet did it taste?
To me, it tasted like a liquid green apple jolly rancher!
It would for sure be a treat...
They say you can cook with it, so that might be a way to level out some of the sweetness...
Either way, if they keep adding great new additions, I see Sidral Mundet being around another 100+ years!

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