Need a Last Minute Gift Idea? Look No Further! @consciousbox

If you are looking for a great gift idea...
I have one for you!

Have you heard of  Conscious Box?
It is just one of the greatest ideas!

You pay $12 per month (plus $7 shipping) and you get a random goody box each month.
You have no clue what is in it... but let me tell you...
I was able to get the chance to review one.
I was very impressed with everything that is included!

I will say, at first, I was thinking that $19 was a bit steep for a small box like this...
BUT, when you think about it...  everything in here is pure and natural...
We all know that "pure and natural" products normally cost more than the unhealthy options!
(At least that has been the case for me.)

Let me tell you how it went here...

We received a box in the mail... 
I knew it was coming and I tell you, I was like a kid at Christmas to see what was going to be in there!!!

I opened it up and was very impressed with the presentation.  It comes inside a nice box with a cut out on it... They add a bow to it and it is simple, yet classy.  Please note the note card in there... There are a few inside with different things printed on them.  
One is a welcome note.. One lists all the products inside.  One tells you what you can do to reuse your gift box... best part... if you post a picture reusing your box on their facebook wall, you will get a surprise in your next box!!!
Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Now to all that was inside! I did not take a picture of all of the products, as it is all about the surprise...
But, since December is over... I don't think I would ruin anything by telling you a few items!

So, just what all can you expect?
First of all, I was pretty stoked with the variety!
From soap to lotion... 
Laundry detergent to tea.
Out of everything in there, I fell in love with the room spray!!!

I told Marc that this is a great gift idea for everyone...
But especially those that are trying to go green.
As you can imagine, not everyone is going to like everything, but when you get to try out several different brands of products, you will find the ones for you!
I like that they also include a couple different discount codes on some of the products!  
That way, if you like it... You can order more!!!!
This is an image from their site with what a box looks like.  

As I said, they start at $12 per box.. There are several different plans that I am sure you will be able to find one just for you!  You can click HERE to learn more about Conscious Box! 

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