Snackin' With Tyson #tysongoodness, #cbias

Broxton isn't at the age that he goes to school yet, but the boys do...
So, I know that they like to eat, I was trying to get suggestions...
Last time they were here, I sent home several easy recipes for them to make in the crockpot...

This time, I am sharing my new secret...
Tyson Chicken Mini Sandwiches!
You can read my Google Plus Story all about my adventure to get them this week.

No matter what the occasion, they really are great to eat!
Broxton could not wait until his brothers were here... He had to go ahead and enjoy one before they arrived.  He loves them, but more often than not... He eats them plain!

The boys arrived and they were able to try my newest find...
One wanted mayonnaise and mustard.  
Plain.  Everything is always Plain.
Not very picky... However I prepare it, as long as it isn't totally nuts, he will try it.
When you have different schedules and kids coming and going at all different times, it makes sense to have something simple to fix.  No matter the age, in under 2 minutes, using the microwave, they are ready to go.  You can add cheese, sauce, whatever you want to mix it up...  It tastes great!
I was thinking, the boys come and go so much...
One has football, one is getting ready to play tennis, the other is mr. social butterfly...
Who knows what time they can all get together for dinner...
So, until dinner time during the school week, this would be great for them to keep on hand...
Talk about stopping the hunger pains!

Then, you just have a simple clean up!  Cooks in the bag, serve it on a paper plate... Easy Peasy!

When I bought them, I got to talking to the cashier and the lady behind me in line.  Not only would these make great snacks / meals anytime... They would be great to have on hand for New Years Day...
Quick snacks make for easy and happy host/hostesses!

I told them they can buy them at their local Wal-Mart.
To see if they are available near you, just click this store locator link.
Also, don't forget, you can currently buy two packages and then mail in your receipts for a $5 Wal-Mart giftcard!  It is like a buy one get one free deal they have going on!

What I like is that they have a decent window of time before they expire.  Also, with the boys, they are growing boys... so... they eat!  If you are worried about it taking up too much space in your freezer, you can always take them out of the box and just put the packs in the freezer.  They come 2 to a pack...The directions are printed on each package too!
Less room = more product!
So - although it is the holidays now... these will be great when planning for back to school ideas!

“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias 


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