Doc McStuffins - THIS FRIDAY, March 23 on Disney Junior

Remember me telling you about the newest show on Disney Junior?  Doc McStuffins...  (It starts March 23rd)   Well, we were sent a cute box full of goodies for the promotion of this show and of course, that meant a sneak peek DVD of an episode..   
To be honest, Marc and I thought that this was going to be very much geared to little girls.  I know, I guess we jumped the gun, since it was a little girl as a main character.. Well, we were so wrong!  Broxton wasn't feeling well, so we snuggled up on the couch and put the Doc McStuffins DVD on.  It was just adorable.  Basically, the little girl is Doc McStuffins... She can talk to her stuffed animals and they can talk to her as well. 
PHOTO CREDIT: ©Disney Junior 

 The episode we watched was called Knight Time (I think) in it, we met a few of Doc's toys/patients... They were playing pretend and needed a Knight, so she went and borrowed one, but he was all off kilter... So, Doc to the rescue! She checked him out and realized that he needed a bath, as he had a bad case of the sticky-ickeys (once again, trying to remember... that might not have been the "scientific term" she used, but you know what I mean!)   I thought that was a great way to get kids that don't like to take a bath a cute and creative way to enjoy it... as Doc was singing about it with her stuffed animals before her bath time! 
Doc McStuffins is full of singing and just overall a cute show! Broxton said his favorite part was seeing all the toys playing!  
PHOTO CREDIT: ©Disney Junior 

We will be tuning in this Friday for the debut of Doc McStuffins, will you?

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