Operation: Get Ducky - Just In Time for Easter

Time to start thinking Easter Baskets!
Does the Easter Bunny bring a basket full of candy to your house?

Last year, he brought Broxton a little bit of candy and several toys...

This year, he is bringing him something different... At least that is what he told me!
First of all... 
I heard he was going to be bringing Broxton a new DVD to watch! 

Have you seen Penguins of Madagascar?

Those wacky Penguins are back for eight exciting egg-ventures featuring their newest pal, Ducky and a few bunny friends.  After Marlene discovers a lost egg, the Penguins volunteer to egg-sit until they can find its mother.  When the egg hatches the Penguins put Ducky into Penguin training, but King Julien is jealous and wants to raise the duckling to be his second in command. 

We have never seen it, that I know of... So, it will be cute seeing their newest DVD: Operation: Get Ducky!
I think that this would be a great Easter Basket Idea, so I am glad that Mr. Easter Bunny thought of making this a gift... I mean, "egg ventures" with Ducky and Bunny?  Sounds like a party to me... 

Have you seen Penguins of Madagascar before?
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