Great Nights Rest at the Hampton Inn

When looking for a hotel, what are a couple of factors in your choice?
For us, it is the area and price.
We normally TRY and find a Hampton Inn.
Have you ever stayed at the Hampton before?  That was the hotel of choice for my family, before I married Marc.  Not only is the price affordable, the hotel is always clean and I am in LOVE with their lotion!
(To the point where I have tried to buy a bigger bottle, or more of the little bottles!)

Once I was married to Marc, we continued with the Hampton for our hotel...
Once Broxton was born, it was assured...
This was THE hotel for us.
Because the beds are so soft and comfortable that the Hampton Inn bed in Valdosta, Georgia was where he slept through the night for the first time!
We had been struggling for him to sleep through the night and right before Marc deployed, he finally did! Right there in that comfy Hampton Inn bed!  They advertise "cloud 9" sleeping and I can assure you that they are not lying!
You know that you can actually order the bedding from their site?!
Marc and I have said that once we have the extra money for a luxury like that... We will be making that investment!

A bit ago we had the chance to return to that wonderful hotel and I get to share our stay with you!
This is actually us leaving the hotel.  We arrived at night, but I wanted to show you how pretty it is.  

 The "Suite Shop" carries a little of everything.  From drinks to snacks.  If you do not feel like leaving the hotel, you can step down there (right by the check in) and grab what you need.  Just charge it to your room bill.  They even had Advil.  Perfect for that headache that comes from nowhere!
Work area.
Love these beds!!!!
If you can see past there, that is a couch and coffee table over in the "sitting area."
Flat screen for your viewing pleasure.

Once again... I can not stress just how much we LOVE the beds!!!!
Of course, I had to take a picture to show my favorite!!!!
The lotion!  
Time to leave, but we will be back again!!!!!

If you are looking for a great place to stay, please keep the Hampton Inn  in mind! You will not be disappointed!
Also, if you are trying to plan a get away this summer...
Don't forget Valdosta, Georgia!
From Wild Adventures to more!
Valdosta isn't that far from Florida either, so you might want to stay a night or two in Valdosta on your way further south!
If you are looking for somewhere for a convention...
The Convention Center is directly across the street from the Hampton Inn of Valdosta.
So, you could stay there and then just walk over for your meetings!

*** I was offered a media rate for our visit at the Hampton Inn.  All opinions expressed are my own.  ***


  1. This really looks like a wonderful place to stay.

  2. Yes I can daydream about getting away for at least a week. Just me and my nook / laptop and maybe someone....


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