Please... Potty Training Advice?

This weeks Aloha Friday is to help my sister in law out...
She called asking for advice and I told her I would ask all of you...

Her little boy will be 4 this summer and they are still struggling with Potty Training.

He will tee - tee on it, but he won't do the other.

They have tried and tried... but no luck.

I told her the few things I had heard to help her out... but she has tried them all..


My question this week:

Do you have any Potty Training Tips / Pointers that I can share with her?


  1. I remember there was a children's book for just this issue, but am sorry I can't remember the name since it was 28 & 26 years ago when I had to deal with this situation.

  2. We took a very laid-back approach when potty training our four kids. They were all around 3 or 3.5 before we started and even then, we didn't really push them - it just seemed to happen when they were ready. I think it helped because they were pretty close in age and were able to see a big brother or big sister using the potty.

  3. Hum, I assume she has tried rewards? Even the bad ones like candy ;) I know its frustrating, but honestly he will do it when he is ready. Only tips I ever give for potty train are these:
    1st: wait until they are ready and showing interest, I don't believe its something you can make them interested in
    2nd: No pull ups, I think they are confusing. You can try cloth diapers or the heavy duty undies for training.
    3rd: This worked for me: I took 3 days of nothing but potty training my son. First day he was naked and I followed him like a hawk with potty seat in hand! (It helped when we got the Elmo potty cause he LOVES Elmo?!?) YES there are accidents. Second day we put undies on and I did the same thing. Third day pants! Worked great! Its exhausting, but so worth it. I did NOTHING else but potty train, and I mean NOTHING else!
    Best of luck! We are potty trained here but still using diapers at night, he will be 4 sept, and I am not pushing it too much

  4. Princess Nagger was stubborn about the whole potty training thing... What worked for us was to get a bunch of little toys from the dollar store and hanging one each day out of her reach (but in her view) that we'd give to her as a 'reward' for having a successful potty day. At the end of the week, there's be a bigger toy prize for her to work towards. It worked like a charm and she was fully potty trained in a week! :) Of course she still wanted prizes every time she went potty after that...heh! :)

    Aloha: Tu loquere Latine?

  5. Find out what really motivates him. Toys, paints, light sabers (lol, this is my 4 year old's latest obsession), candy (perhaps a lot of it) and then bribe away. (Just don't call it bribery because that makes parents feel guilty, call it reinforcement).
    When we potty trained my now 4.5 year old he went through a time where he wouldn't poop in the potty. We started letting him earn a prize every time he pooped, and it took a couple weeks, but we never had a problem after that.
    Or, depending on his personality, she might let him go around the house with no pants or underwear on. He likely has the control not to go so pooping on the floor won't be a problem (unless he has a tendency to be mischievous or defiant about potty, if he is either of those I wouldn't attempt the no pants thing).
    My youngest son just finished potty training at 23 months. He was scared to poop on the potty. He's a funny kid so I made it a funny thing. I'd sit him on the potty and I'd sit next to him on the tub. He'd give it a try and then I'd give it a try and make a raspberry sound. He thought this was hilarious. We'd go back and forth like this for a few minutes. Eventually (about a week) he got over his fear and started going.
    Just don't stress the kid out about it by punishing or reprimanding. That usually makes it harder for them to go #2.

  6. I don't have a boy but I heard somewhere about this same issue and said that having them sit on the toilet backwards (???) facing the back of the toilet helps for some reason.... again don't have a boy but maybe that will help!!??!!??

  7. Sorry I'm drawing a blank. Tell your sister I wish her luck!:)

  8. Uh oh, all I know is that when they're ready they'll use it & if you're teaching a boy make sure he aims straight. LOL Have a great weekend.

  9. It's really a physical thing more than a time thing.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. My oldest was at daycare, so I was a newbie when my little guy needed to be potty trained. We waited until he was just three and during the summer. Reward charts, stickers, and big brother earning and helping were huge for my little guy. Having other kids as role models is often a big help. Oh and more stickers for taking care of other business. Positive reinforcement is huge.

  11. Sometimes boys learn slower than girls.

    I say lay off for a month and then start again. As parents we can get so caught up in wanting them to just use the potty that we become so frustrated and it passes on to them and they get nervos and just lock up.

    2. Make a strategy and use it consistently. Consistency is key in potty training.

    Let him pick his underwear.
    Use rewards.
    Let an older sibling talk to him about it or grandpa.
    Let daddy promise him something etc.

    Have you tried getting a book from the library about potty training?

    Good luck to your sister :)
    But remember potty training is really hard work. They just don't tell you that. And because we see how smart our kids are, we wonder why they wont just do it all iin the potty. But it's really not that easy as it looks to us.

    Let your mom tell you how you did it :)

  12. I don't have kids so I don't have anything useful to offer. The only thing I have heard which always makes me you never meet a teenager who isn't potty trained, so it will happen eventually ;)

  13. I'm going through the potty training stage with my youngest right now. My two older girls kind of learned on their own. The only thing that really worked for me was giving m&ms as rewards. Good luck!

  14. Still no potty trained boys in this house, well except for my husband! Is Broxton? We haven't really even tried.

  15. Don't sweat it if he's slow to train. My middle son didn't get it till he was 4!

  16. I'm struggling with my two year old girl. We just started a more visual thing where we hang up happy or sad faces. But I think he might be a little old for that? Does he help in the cleaning up process at all? I would make sure it's seriously inconvenient for him. Like when he poops and has to be cleaned up he is on his moms time, he has to wait for her, he has to help clean up. That's all I've got!


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