Kidz Bop 21 Brings Plenty Of Songs to Move Your Feet

Normally when we get in the car, Marc gets to the radio first...
Or, if it is just Broxton and I, we talk... so there is not much music.

Broxton is at the age now where he is really enjoying music and when he gets a song he likes, he will try and sing it over and over.  When I saw that we would have the chance to review the latest Kidz Bop CD, I knew Broxton would enjoy it.  
I hate to admit that I only knew one of the songs on there... 

That was until I played it... 
There were several songs on there that I actually did know, I just did not know the name to it... 
It was so funny to hear kids singing the song!  
I will say that I knew basically the top 6 and then did not know the others... 
But, I do know I will learn them, as Broxton has really been shaking and moving to the songs!
I told Marc it was like he had a twitch in his leg... As soon as the song started, he had to dance every time!  
Guess what song is his favorite... Number 2 - Moves Like Jagger.

Ha ha ha!  That cracks me up!
So- you want to know just how cute this CD is?

Head on over to the Kidz Bop site and you can listen to a sample of each song...

This would be a fun CD to have for a kids birthday party! 
It would also make a great gift idea!  
(Also, maybe the Easter Bunny could throw this in as an extra Easter Surprise!)

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have so many of those songs on my iPod!

  2. I remember when kidz bop 1 came out! It's neat they're still doing it :) Maybe a good birthday gift for Critter?

  3. I've heard of these but I wont get this yet for the kids.


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