Bubble Guppies - Out Today: May 1st

We recently saw an episode of Bubble Guppies on DVD and I was laughing at the show... 
I was curious as to how it got its name, until we watched and I saw that the characters of the show were little kids that lived underwater and had fish tales!  That right there caught Broxton's attention and he enjoyed the show.. 

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So, when I saw that Bubble Guppies were going to be released onto DVD for the first time, I knew I wanted to get it to see if Broxton would enjoy it for road trips!  
Little did I know that I would watch with him!  
The DVD has "Fin-Tastic Fair Tale TV Movie" on it...
Get this... featuring the voice of Wanda Sykes!  She cracks me up and her voice is one that is easy to recognize, so I was laughing automatically!
In this "movie" it was about fairy tales... They had a big fish (sorry, not sure of names yet) that was telling the kids about fairy tales.. you know, how they have a wolf, or bears... or a witch or a beanstalk... and they start with "once upon a time."  
It was cute how they interacted and told the story, while teaching the viewer at the same time!  Bubble Guppies prides itself on " Promoting school readiness" and after watching, I can see why.  Bubble Guppies was full of singing, a cute story and animation...

As soon as the music would start, I would notice Broxton would start to move with the music... I am so glad he has picked up rhythm, because I know I did not pass that to him!

More about the Bubble Guppies DVD:

Bubble Guppies Episode Synopses:

Bubble Puppy's Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale! (Double-Length Episode)

Once upon a time, Molly and Gil went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. But when a mean Witch, played by Wanda Sykes, turns Bubble Puppy into a frog, Molly and Gil enlist the help of some famous fairytale friends to undo her mean green spell.  They better work fast or else no one in the Enchanted Forest will live happily ever after!

Bubble Puppy

Gil wants to adopt a puppy after seeing one he really likes at the adoption center, but theBubble Guppies have to learn how to take care of a pet before he can bring it home.

Bubble Bites

Ms. Pinkytoe, a friendly crab, gives Gil a few Bubble Bites to feed to Bubble Puppy.  BubblePuppy wants more food so the guppies head to the supermarket.  They discover there is one box of Bubble Bites left and both Gil and Ms. Pinkytoe want it, so they must compete in aBubble Bites biathlon. Will Gil get more Bubble Bites to feed Bubble Puppy? Or will Ms. Pinkytoe get them for her dog, Bud?

Have you ever seen Bubble Guppies?

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