Looking for a Great Pirate Book? The Pirate Cruncher

I love sharing books with you that we receive for review.. 
Well, today I have a new book to share...
We had to go to the bookstore to grab a book for Marc and while there, Broxton got into his head that he just HAD to have a Pirate Book.  We took him to the kids section and he looked at books while Marc looked at the book he needed... Then, I told Broxton to put the book up and lets head home, that we could look at Pirate books from the library... 
Then, Marc started talking about how great the illustrations were and that he wanted me to look at it..
(That meant that HE wanted to buy it!  Lol!)

We got the book and Broxton flipped through it all the way home... 
He looked at it again when we got home... and he had Marc read it to him last night for bed..
It was so cute to go and see Marc and Broxton laid up in the bed reading and then Broxton had to sleep with the book in the bed with him!!!!

Marc of course had to go on and on about the illustrations, so I thought it would be good to read it and share with you...
The book is called "The Pirate Cruncher."

Image Credit: Amazon

It has a sing song feel to it and I feel that they picked the font that went perfect with the story!
This story has an old Fiddler walking along... singing to himself a catchy song...
A song about a treasure map he had drawn to return to one day... 
When out of the window of a local pub appeared an old pirate..
That was eager to join in on a search of treasure... 
They loaded up and set sail in search of this island...
Each time, the fiddler singing more about the trip... 
When all of a sudden, you learn of a monster that eats pirates!  
That is when the pirate refers to it as a pirate cruncher!
You will have to read the book to learn the rest, but it includes a special surprise at the back flap!!!!

We will for sure be getting more of these books!  
If you have a fan of pirates, this is a must see book!!!!!

Do you have Pirates Fans at your house?


  1. It ends with a surprise? Love that, and the story sounds super cute.


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