Cure Summer Boredom with A Puzzle Book #giveaway

Kids are about to get out for the summer...  That means NO SCHOOLWORK!!!
WHoooo Hoooo..
But, that doesn't mean you can not keep their brains in high gear!!!  No, I don't mean teaching them math and science at home, but you can do fun activities with puzzle books and more to engage in brain activity... and shhhhh... FUN!!!!
If you don't have kids... or they are too young... or you are wanting to engage your brain..
Why not look at books for you?!

We were sent a collection of "Puzzle Books" and I have really been enjoying them!
The collection we were sent has a bit of everything for everyone!  

We now have, The Complete Idiots Guide to Picture Puzzles, Volume 2.
I really enjoyed this, as I love searching for things... I know that when the boys get here for the summer, they will love looking at this... I will admit, I wanted to grab my pencil to circle the differences and everything, but that would take the fun out of it for anyone else down the road, so I decided not to do so.  I love that the answer key is IN THE BACK (versus some that put them upside down on the same page.)  You can't cheat as easily this way: 
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Picture Puzzles, Vol. 2

We also have Puzzle Baron's Logic Puzzles.
I am going to take this down for my mom to look at.  She loves logic things like this... Well, I don't know how much she "loves" them, but "they" say (the Internet is "they") that if you do logic puzzles and what not to keep your brain stimulated, it helps with Alzheimer's  and since Alzheimer's runs in our family, my mom is always trying whatever she can to help with that.  Now, don't take that to the bank, you know how the Internet can be both helpful and hurtful.... I am just stating another reason why we would enjoy these in our house... I will tell you this though... I don't know if some are sort of difficult, or if I am just that out of the loop, but I was having a hard time doing these... then, I realize part of it was because I was not really paying attention!  These would be fun to think and ponder on as you lay out catching some rays this summer!

Finally, we have the Sudoku book.
Now, I can not even lie... I am NOT a Sudoku fan... I just can not get it... When it first came out and was in the papers all the time, I tried... I really did... but I just can not grasp it... My brother and several friends LOVE Sudoku games, but me... Nope... I can't do it...
That being said, this will for sure be a gift to my brother....

Are you a fan of puzzles?  Do you Sudoku?

Ready to win a set of these books for your Summer Adventures? (Or Father's Day gift!)
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  1. Puzzle Baron’s Sudoku
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  2. We would enjoy the Logic Puzzles book most!

  3. I would enjoy picture puzzles


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