New Fashion Statement with Braced Lets

You know how a trend starts each year with a "must have" item?  
Well, I think I might know what the "it" item is this year..

Image Credit: Braced-Lets

Have you seen Braced-Lets yet?

While some kids think that Braces are not cool... others think they are...

I know I personally hated them when I had them, but now... I sure do wish I had them again... 
(I should've worn my retainer more later in life!)

If you want to make a fashion statement with more than just your teeth...
Check them out...

Braced-Lets are actually all made from orthodontic material... 
The "bracelet" is actually a rubber power chain... and then you have the metal brackets and the colorful rubberbands...

If you have ever worn braces, or know anyone who has...
You know exactly what I am talking about when I mention those items...

With so many colors to choose from...
There really is no gender for who this would be seen on..
Both girls and boys, of all ages would love them!
Image Credit: Braced-Lets
We actually gave several of them to one of the boys for part of his birthday present...
He sure enough had them on when he came to see us... 
I loved knowing that he was enjoying them!  

Image Credit: Braced-Lets

So, mix and match them up..
You can get them as the colors of your school, your favorite team, or even fun and funky for holidays!
Head on over to the Braced-Lets site and see what all colorful creations they have!
I like the "super hero" and the "rainbow" collections...

Like Braced-Lets on Facebook to keep in touch with all that is new and fun!

 What color combination would you like to see?

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  1. There's always that "In" item.

    I actually wore my mouth gear too long. My dentist now said that my roots are too small. The result of wearing mouth gear for too long.

  2. It should be interesting to see how these take off.

    I love color in everything so this is cool.

    I'd love red and gold.


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