The Klampie Mystery

Broxton has a new book we have been reading... 
The Klampie Mystery.

This is a cute little story and I am so glad that we had the chance to read it...

This story follows a little girl named Samantha on her family vacation.
For their Christmas break, Samantha and her family go to visit her Aunt and Uncle in Australia...
(That right there was pretty cool to me, I would LOVE to go to Australia!)
To get ready for their vacation, Samantha's dad bought her a cute little stuffed Koala that "clamps" on to things.. That was how she ended up naming it Klampie!  So, as they head to Australia, Klampie is clamped to her bag...   She doesn't take her bag everywhere with her, but of course she remembers it when it is time to go...   Once they are on the plane heading back to the states... KLAMPIE comes to life!
WHAT?  How did that happen?
Looks like you will have to read the book to figure out the mystery!!!!!

As I said, it is a cute book and we have enjoyed reading it!
I loved the "mystery" of it all!!!!
Buy it from Amazon today!

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