Snuggle Up with @CuddleCovers

When do you start your Christmas shopping?
I used to try and start towards the end of summer, that way I could be totally finished by December 1st.  
Last year did not work out so well, so I am hoping this year is an improvement...

The reason I ask is I have found a great MUST HAVE for this years list!!!!
They are super cute and really functional!!!
It is a Pillowcase cover that is an adorable stuffed animal!!!!

They have several animals that is sure to make kids of all ages smile!  
You can pick between a Bear, Cat, Dog, Lion, Dinosaur or Unicorn!

Now, I don't know about you.. but cars can get pretty packed when you head on a trip... 
They need that special stuffed animal... they need their pillow for the ride...

Well, not anymore! Just give them their Cuddle Cover and they are ready to go!!! 
Yet another two in one that makes this mama smile!

The Cuddle Cover site sells pillows to go in there, or you can just use your own.. Whichever works best for your situation.  It is really easy to assemble!  

You just unzip the side, shove your pillow in... Fluff it just the way you want it to be... Zip it back in.. and you are good to go!
I will say the zipper is a bit of a catch 22 to me.  I wished it was a little longer, to make the ease of putting the pillow in easier.. But at the same time, I like it that size, so little ones don't go yanking out the pillow and asking you to fix it over and over again!!!!

We were sent the Dog for review.. 

I knew it was cute, but honestly , I was worried as to how soft it would be... 
Let me tell you, it was so soft and I know that everyone will love it.

I will also let you in on a little secret... When I said KIDS OF ALL AGES, I meant it.. 

This would be perfect for a little one that is moving into a "big kid bed".  I know that we still put a pillow by Broxton when he lays in the big bed... This could double as the snuggle friend, the pillow and the "buffer!"  
Also, I think this would be great for younger ones to prop up on when they are reading!!!! 

You can connect with Cuddle Covers on Facebook and Twitter.

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