W/W - Broxton likes to "Hut"

Warning, sort of long post, but so worth the read!!!!

Broxton LOVES football!
I think it is a great thing, being that we are all huge football fans!
My hometown has an arena football team, the Albany Panthers.
Whenever they are playing and we are visiting my parents, we try to go to the game.
The great thing about it, after the game is over...
They allow the fans on the field to meet the players.
This is where Broxton gets really, REALLY, R.E.A.L.L.Y. excited.
The first few games, he just kind of looked around not sure what was going on.
Then, he got it!

He would high five them.
He loved it.
THEN, it happened!
He was standing there and one of the players bent down to talk to him...
Broxton said "HUT"
The player looked at me and I said, he wants to "Hut!"
So, he squatted down, Broxton "Hutted" and then "tackled" the player.
He fell over all dramatically and it totally made Broxton's night!

From that point on, he was always wanting to "hut!"
The next game, he hutted a few more...
One guy thought he said "hug" so he hugged him and then Broxton was like, "No, HUT!"
Then he got it!
He bent down and hutted.
All the other fans standing around LOVE that the players (who do not really get paid that much, that I know of) take the time to "hut" with a 2 year old!!!

The last game of the year, Broxton was so excited!
We took a football for them to sign.
He hutted, he high fived!
He got a few autographs...
He was able to get pictures with some of them, but most of all...
He got to have an amazing time with a great group of guys!

Here are a few pictures to share:
Here is Broxton with our mascot, Prowler!
With the cheerleaders! They were all like, "We LOVE him!"
Broxton with one of the players after they "hutted!"
With the very first player to ever "hut" him.
Needless to say, we normally tried to find him after each game!
The Panthers are in the playoffs this weekend.
They play Columbus, who is the ONLY team to beat us this year...
(They beat us twice)
Please root for my hometown! LoL
You can even like them on facebook and leave a good luck message if you want!!!!


  1. Laughing. What a little ham. Who wouldn't hut to that face? lol. Happy WW!

  2. what a cutie & sweet story! glad the players realize that without fans no one would be watching them!

  3. That is so sweet of the players to "hut" him! =)

  4. That's great that the football player played along!

    So cute!


  5. That is so nice of them to pose. Great memorable shots.

  6. That's adorable! Good luck Panthers!


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