Back To School Bash

Okay, I have spoken about it a little, but it is getting closer and closer...
I have been so lucky to have been able to be a stay at home mom to Broxton...
But, we have decided to enroll him into the Preschool Program at our Church.
He will only go half a day, but I think it will be great for him.
He will get to be with other kids and they teach out of the Preschooler's Bible, so it is Faith based.

Although I am so happy and excited, you have to know that I am a bit sad...
Broxton is my only baby.  This journey has been wonderful and I know we are just actually starting it.

There will be an actual "first day" when he starts real school, but come on...
This is real to me!
Of course, I will be taking tons of pictures... and getting all excited!

We actually got a letter the other day telling us who his teacher would be...
They even sent his little "school supply" list..
You know me, I wanted to tear up... but I held it in...
I know when that day comes that we take him to school I will be the one with tears as he is running to go play and make new friends... starting his own journey...

So, leading up to this new adventure...
I thought it would be nice to do a little "Back to School Bash" with you.
I will be hosting a few reviews, as well as some giveaways...
Not all just for the school child, but also a few things for adults as well!
It starts this Monday, the 23rd.

I hope you will join me as I share my findings with you...
Also, I would love any comments of things that I might need to know or that might help in this next chapter!


  1. I understand that it'll be a "real" first day of school for both of you this year. I remember the first time I left my son in a co-op class. I checked my cell phone every five minutes to make sure I hadn't missed any emergency calls!

    Looking forward to the Bash, and I love the logo!

    Sending hugs your way!

  2. The hardest part for me was not being able to call and check on Mica. Before school he was always with family. I could call at any given moment. I knew he was being watched by people that love him. Then preschool happened. I had a transition when he went to preschool. He was very young. He just turned 3. I put him in because his cousin was going; they were together all the time anyhow. Plus I knew he wasn't around any other kids besides cousins. He has an August birthday, so when to send him to school is questionable. I wanted him to feel comfortable with other kids. He was very odd acting at the start. He hid behind the door when my sister dropped him off. He liked school, but since he was the youngest he wouldn't participate with all the circle activities that all the other kids would. That made me nervous; like something is wrong with my child nervous. They thought something was wrong with the muscles in his hand because he wouldn't write or draw. We even had the school district out to test him. He passed. He got better. Once he could draw and write he was good at it! He and his teachers loved each other. Mica would hop up in their laps. He adjusted.

    Now he's the top student in his class. Last year was the first year for all day school-Kindergarten. It was a new school. It was a really odd feeling. No calling to check on him. Things I would tell him didn't sink. Like, "Your gym shoes are in your bag for anytime you need to use them!" He missed out on gym because he didn't have tennis shoes on. We had to write the teacher about that one. Then he didn't put his cold lunch with the other kid's lunches. He set it by his feet. He had to eat a hot lunch that day. Little transitions like that took awhile to get used to. It was good though. It made him more independent. I felt for that teacher because it was her first year teaching Kindergarten; she taught 1st grade for years. Then she got breast cancer! It was a transition for her to.

    Isaak started preschool this last school year. It's amazing how different the 2nd one is! It was like there was no transition at all. He knew what he had to do.


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