Comfy Shoes From Nature's Sleep #giveaway

We don't walk with shoes on in our house... 
As soon as you walk in the door, the shoes come off... 
But, I will tell you, it is nice to wear comfy slippers when doing things around the house... 
Especially when we go to my parents!  Marc normally wears his flip flops... (They don't have the no shoe rule, just at our house)  You see, my parents have hard wood floors... so it is normally cold!  
When I was told I would get to review a pair of  Nature's Sleep Slippers, I automatically started looking at how comfortable they looked...

I decided to go with brown (thought it would make a great gift for Marc, shhhhh)  
I think they are awesome... They are so comfortable... 

  • High quality Genuine Nature’s Sleep Next Generation Memory Foam
  • Provides pressure relieving comfort all day long
  • Naturally conforms to your foot in cool comfort
  • Distributes weight to reduce pressure points and improve circulation
  • Ideal for indoor use on multiple surfaces
  • Attractive style and look

  • I do have to be honest... I do not think they are that "attractive" but it could be because they are brown...
    (Although, I do love the shade of brown they are, I would not call them mocha, but then I would not call them sand either... They are just the right color for slippers in my opinion!
    Or it could be because we have big feet and they look like mini boats in the house... 
    But I will say this... as "unattractive" as I find them, they totally make up for their looks with comfort!  

    (Sort of like you should not find the love of your life based on looks alone!)
    When the slippers came for review, I immediately had to put them on.  It was nice how they were not too soft, yet were not hard either.  I did like how they had a plastic/rubber bottom...  We had been looking to get my grandaddy a pair of slippers to help him around the house, so I was eager to see how these would work as far as slipping/sliding.  They were easy to "move" but did not make you lose your footing like some do.  The sole of the slipper that you feel is quite nice.  It is made of a "memory foam" so that it sort of contours to your foot and seems as though they are made just for you!
    Of course, as soon as I took them off to get a shower, I noticed Broxton heading over to try them out.  There have been a few times I have noticed him trying to walk through the house with them as well, so I know they must be nice, as he is not really a shoe fan!
    If you are looking for slippers, for you or a loved one..
    (Remember, college kids love slippers too!)
    Check out Natures Sleep Slippers!
    FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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    1. I would choose Open Toe Pink

    2. I would choose the
      Closed Toe Terry Slippers w/Memory Foam in pink.

    3. open toed in pink debbie jackson,
      djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

    4. I'd pick the open toe in lavender size large.

    5. I would choose the Closed Toe Slippers in Pale Blue.

      colljerr at comcast dot net

    6. Closed toe in pink

    7. Closed Toe Terry Slippers w/Memory Foam in Blue

    8. I would choose the lavendar open toe slippers.

    9. I'd get the closed toe slippers in pink

    10. I would pick the
      Closed Toe Terry Slippers w/Memory Foam in pink.

    11. Closed Toe Slippers in Pale Blue.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    12. I'd choose the closed toe slippers in pale blue.

      kngmckellar at hotmail dot com

    13. closed toe pink

    14. I would choose the Lavender open toed in large


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