Caillou's Mysteries and Adventures Available July 10

If you have followed my blog for a bit, you know that Broxton just loves Caillou.  To the point that Caillou is his "brother" from time to time.. We have to watch Caillou daily and he gets excited when he sees Caillou asleep when Sprout Shows all the characters sleeping at night.
We even have a Caillou doll that goes on adventures with us, so when I had the chance to add to our Caillou library, I was fast to jump aboard!
The latest DVD is Caillou's Mysteries and Adventures.
I wonder how they narrowed THAT down to just 12 episodes, as EVERYTHING is an adventure with Caillou.  I think that is one of the reasons I love Broxton watching this show...
I feel as though Caillou gives him the desire to want to explore...
It amazes me how much Broxton's mind is growing and learning every single day and wow, he can come up with adventure too!

In this DVD:
Caillou the Detective:
Caillou searches for Gilbert when he goes missing, retraces his steps to find his missing toy car, and plays and adventurous game of hide and seek with his friends.  
Caillou the Brave:  Caillou slides down the water slide for the very first time, braves and thunderstorm by pretending to be the captain of a ship and helps Rosie overcome her fear of bugs.
Caillou to the Rescue: Caillou helps Rosie fall asleep with a bedtime story, pretends to be a fireman and saves the town and rescues missing cars as a tow truck driver. 
Captain Caillou: Caillou sails his new toy boat around the pond with his grandfather and goes to the airport with his father to watch the planes take off. 

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  1. Both my girls have grown up loving him :-)
    Hope you are doing well! It's been a crazy,busy summer here! Have a great week!



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