Keep Your Snacks Cool With Cool Gear

With Back to School Planning for Broxton, I am also trying to think of things for me...
I mean, as a stay at home mom for these three years, what am I going to do with myself while he is in school?  I know that I want to try and get out more.. Be it going to take pictures or going to the gym.. Making time to enjoy a book in the park, really... I do not know what I will do, but I did find some pretty cool products that I want to tell you about.

Originally, I stopped over at the Cool Gear Website to see what they had as far as idea's to help Broxton with his lunch at school, but the more I started looking, I thought that several of their products would make great teacher gifts... as well as great mommy gifts too!
(Never to early to start thinking about Christmas gifts, that is what I think anyways..)
So, Cool Gear:

Cool Gear has been around since 1986.  As you guessed by the name, it is Gear to keep things COOL.. 

And it looks pretty cool too! 
If you are thinking of something to stay cool... Hydration is a great way!  
They have all sorts of water bottles, from little 12 ounce sizes, up to 64 ounce ones! 
The little 12 ounce ones come with a "sipper top" and get this.. it even has a gel freezer stick to keep your drinks cool and not watered down!    They have somewhat basic ones, as well as the ones that filter your water for you!  Some are made of plastic (BPA FREE) and others are stainless steel... 

We were sent two of their products to review.

The first item for review, their chiller cup.  This is a cup that you place in your freezer.  It has a double wall for insulation and there is gel in the wall lining.  I love that the top screws on and I was also impressed that the straw has this little lip on it that will not let you pull it out of the top.  I know, it is the little things, but with a little one, at times he wants to pull the straw out and I just do not like for that to happen!  I like that although the cup keeps your drink cold, it comes with a rubber "band" around it, so you can hold your drink there and not have your hand cold as well.
I have enjoyed drinking out of this and this is a perfect cup to take to the pool!  

The other item for review was their Snack N' Dip storage container.
I thought this would be great for me, if I wanted to take a snack and go enjoy the outdoors and read...
It would also be great someone taking their lunch.. be it to school or work.  Student, teacher or employee.
The bottom part is just a white bowl... but the top part is the kicker.. 
It has freezer gel built into it..
So, you place the purple part in the freezer to cool...
Load the bowl with snack of your choice..
Then, there is the little cup up top that you can add your dipping sauce of choice...
The freezer gel will keep it cold for you!
How neat is that?!

I think these are great idea's and I really think the prices are fair too!
I mean, as soon as you even start trying to think of health and nutrition, it seems like it starts getting expensive... Well, these are affordable items to help you on your way!
As I said, great for you.. but also great idea's for teachers!  

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation


  1. I like that idea for sending veggies and dip to school with the kids too. :)

  2. I love these. The salad bowl would be great for chips and dips!

  3. These do look really cool! Thanks for telling us about them!


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