Sprout Introduces New Shows and A New LineUp

Just as Broxton is preparing for a great school year ahead, Sprout is planning their new TV lineup.  
August 27 kicks off their new lineup and I am able to share the new to US shows and what current shows have new episodes...

On Monday, August 27, Sprout will debut three new series exclusive to U.S. television audiencesOlive the Ostrich,Wibbly Pig and 64 Zoo Lane, as well as all-new episodes of Sprout originals Pajanimals and The Good Night Show


Olive the Ostrich         
Olive is an ostrich with a big imagination, huge heart and a gigantic appetite for adventure! She lives in the outback with her family, but Olive is different…while her family is running, pecking and laying eggs, Olive can be found imagining herself going on exciting adventures when she buries her head, down, deep down into the sand. Written in a story book style, Olive the Ostrich is a CGI animated series where animators bring to life real pictures drawn by children. The children's artwork is used to create all the guest characters, places and objects that Olive encounters. Inquisitive and enthusiastic, Olive loves to solve problems and help people whenever she can. She'll try anything once, which can get her into trouble, but she always finds fun and inventive ways to get out of it. The show will air as part of The Sunny Side Up Show and during The Good Night Show bedtime block.
Wibbly Pig 
                  Wibbly Pig is a new animated preschool comedy series that takes the daily routine of a young child and finds humor and fun in every part of it. Wibbly simply does what children do. From day-to-day activities like getting into bed, wrapping a present or climbing a tree, to fantasy play like meeting a giant or going to the moon, Wibbly moves seamlessly in and out of fantasy play echoing the way children really interact and play. Wibbly turns the simplest tasks into a comedy routine, sharing it with his very best friend - the viewer.
64 Zoo Lane 
               64 Zoo Lane features a 7-year-old girl named Lucy who lives next door to a zoo at 64 Zoo Lane.  Each night, she is told a story by the animals. Characters include: Georgina the Giraffe, Nelson the Elephant, Tickles and Giggles the Monkeys, Boris the Bear and Molly the Hippopotamus. The cartoon emphasizes friendship and responsibility.  Each episode concludes at bedtime, when Georgina delivers Lucy into bed via the bedroom window.
              Through their imaginary journeys, thePajanimals model the skills preschoolers need to move through their days and nights successfully.  Along the way, the Pajanimals discover how cozy and safe nighttime can really be when accompanied by friendship and songs.Pajanimals characters – Sweetpea Sue the pony, the excitable duck Squacky, the creative cow CowBella and the optimistic puppy Apollo – were designed and built by the world famous Oscar® and Emmy® Award-winning Jim Henson’s Creature Shop from original concepts by Los Angeles-based toy and clothing designer, artist Jeff Muncy (Pet Alien).  This inseparable quartet forms a nighttime community in the comfort of their magical, shared bedroom. 
 The Good Night Show 
Sprout’s signature bedtime block,The Good Night Show, helps parents wind down their preschoolers after a busy day.  Hosts Nina and Star, along with Lucy the firefly and Hush the fish, mirror the healthy nighttime routines of preschoolers with activities to help them wind down at the end of the day.  This season features 26 new episodes including new themes, sand art stories, songs and stretches in addition to new age-appropriate games such as puzzles, matching and memory.  Viewers can also go to SproutOnline.com and visit The Good Night Show microsite to see videos and hear songs from the program.

We love the Pajanimals (Broxton has to have me sing the Lullaby song AFTER they do....)  and of course, he gets a kick out of watching The Good Night Show and seeing all of his favorite characters sleeping!

I am excited to see the new shows as well, I am curious as to the Olive the Ostrich one the most to see how they incorporate drawings from kids... 

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