A Thank You To ALL Teachers - Because You Are My Teacher

Having a great teacher can really make a difference in the life of a child.  If you think about it, they spend so much time with your kids... and (we hope) that they are positive role models for them to look up to.  I know when I was younger, we would play school from time to time... and we would teach the lesson, grade their work and so forth... If you don't have a teacher that you like, why would you even play a game like that?  I mean, you wouldn't enjoy it, would you?   
I am also not just talking about teachers in elementary school... 
Nursery school teachers teach about socialization and many other aspects that are ideal for a great learning environment, then you have your school teachers, from Kindergarten to your Senior year... But you then go off to college and you have your "professors" there... They are still teaching you ... 
Let's not forget all the homeschooling parents out there... 
To me, that is someone special!  I mean, not only are you parenting them, but you also are their "principal, teacher, lunch person, friend, the list goes on and on... "  I have so MUCH respect to ALL that home-school.  

We just received a new book for review and I was eager to see what was in there... 
Because You Are My Teacher is not available to order yet, but I did provide the pre-order link to where I found it on amazon.  
As soon as I noticed the dedication page from the author, I knew I was in for a treat:
" For my parents, who taught me to reach for the stars, and for the teachers who showed me how."
Wow... Yep, grabs you, doesn't it? 

The book opens with just how the kid sees the world, with a great teacher like they have... 
"If we had a schooner, we would have our class at sea
And study the Atlantic, where the great blue whales roam free"

From Antarctica to Outer Space, they would travel the world...
With colorful illustrations and short sentences that would be great for a child learning to read to work on to present to their teacher, it is sure to be a great gift to give to a teacher in your life... 

The book ends with....
"Our classroom is our vessel, 

always headed someplace new
Because you are our teacher
We'll explore the world with you"

I am thinking that this would be great to give to Broxton's Kindergarten teacher when he starts... Just a great gift for a wonderful year ahead...

Tell me now, isn't that just awesome?  

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  1. Aww this book is such a good idea! Especially to give to a teacher :) you're completely right about how having a good teacher changes your whole experience. Even in high school, I had one teacher I was lucky enough to get for two years, I would never have done so well with spanish had I not had him.

  2. I'm really lucky to work with a lot of good teachers. We all offer different things.

    I had a lot of great teachers in school.


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