Ahoy Mateys! It's A Pirate's Life Around Here

In  keeping with my Halloween post from yesterday, I wanted to go ahead and let you in on what Broxton just might be for Halloween.  
I decided that this year he could be whatever he wanted and at first, he was thinking about being a superhero of some sort...  We went to check out the costumes that were new for 2012 as he is old enough to look and tell me what he wants.  No, there were some that I would not let him be if he chose, but for the most part, he could pick anything he wanted... 

I was surprised when he looked and looked and decided that he wanted to be ...... 
Can you guess who he is?!
I really like his Halloween choice!  
Now, a little about my thoughts on this costume.  
I love that it fit him so well.
The pants are a bit long, but nothing that can't be fixed when we put it on right and hide the extra length under the boots.
It just has a couple little Velcro connection points on the back, no snapping or anything.
The "boots" are just slip covers that go over their own shoes, so no need to be worried about the shoes not fitting...
If you notice, Broxton had worked his toes to be out from under them, but they cover his foot, he was just being silly!
The only problem we came across was the bandanna... 
They have it with a velcro spot on there as well, but it was made either really small or Broxton just has a really big head.  Truth be told, it is probably Broxton, because I have a big head and I think I might have passed that to him... It was an easy fix, as we just tied it instead of using their Velcro.
The other thing was the material... 
It is so iffy here with weather...
I would rather put more clothes on him than have him too hot and not wanting to wear his costume, so this worked for us... It was made of a light material that would work for us...   It was pretty warm out the day Broxton tried it on and he could've cared less about the temperature... 

Bottom line, if you are looking for a cute Halloween Costume this year, head on over and see what Wholesale Halloween Costume has for you!
I like that they not only have cute costumes for kids, but they also have great idea's for adults too!

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  1. He is Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Super cute costume.

  2. Broxton makes a great Jake! :)


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