They Said What? Preschool Gems

We know that kids can say the craziest things... 
Broxton has said numerous things that I always wish I had written down, but then I forget about them... 
I need to make a habit of trying to be better at that!!!!

Luckily, for those of with kids... or even those of us that just love kids, Leslie McCollum wrote things down... and out of the mouth of babes, we have Preschool Gems.

Preschool Gems is a book that is 109 pages of sayings... 
From " "Tell us a story from your brain."  to "I remember when I didn't know you" you will smile reading them.  Now, I will be honest, some just didn't do anything for me... 

I think more would have been funny had there been a back ground story to it... 
But, that is just my opinion on that one... 

I did enjoy it... 
So, out of the mouth of babes... if we could only have days like this:
" I fell because I high-fived so hard!"

Preschool gems has tons of one liners sure to put a smile on your face!

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  1. They're most special when it's your kid saying it though, huh?

  2. I know this would be very interesting! I love kids speak!


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