The Monster Mash - Halloween Kidz Bop

It is almost mid September, which means Halloween items will be lining the shelves soon..
(If not already in some stores!)
I am not one that goes all crazy for Halloween.  
Nothing against it, but back when I was working, I used to work it... 

Then, once I was a mom... It went like this:
First year, Broxton was 8 months old, we didn't do anything except give candy out... 

Second year, we learned that our neighbors do not do ANYTHING at all for Halloween... 
Third year, we went to another neighborhood and Broxton was able to enjoy his first true Halloween.

This year, I want to get in the "spirit" of things, but we still will not do anything too much... 
I would love to one day have a house and decorate and get more "into" it... 
But until then... 
When we drive to go to the neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating, this year... We will be more festive... 
How is that?

Because we will be listening to the latest Kidz Bop - Halloween!

Songs on here include:
Candy Girl
Witch DOctor
Werewolves Of London
The Addams Family
Monster Mash
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
A Nightmare on My Street
Somebody's Watching Me
Purple People Eater
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead
I Want Candy

Marc says's he will be playing Thriller and Werewolves of London...
I want to Hear The Addams Family and Monster Mash... 
(I know Broxton would like the Monster Mash song, but I know he will LOVE Scooby Doo the most!)  

If you are looking for a great "Halloween Theme" CD, look no more...
Best of all, Its Kidz Bop, so they even have Kids singing the songs!!!!!!!

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