Time For You -" Lola Versus" Movie Tips

All of us can use a little "me time" every now and then...
If you remember, I reviewed the movie, Lola Versus, a little bit ago..
To go along with the September 11 release of the movie, today I am sharing a list that was passed on to me for us all to have a little time for ourselves... 
Lola’s Guide To Me Time

Greta Gerwig sparkles in this offbeat romantic comedy about looking for answers - and finding yourself - in a complicated world. When 29-year-old Lola (Gerwig) is dumped by her fiancé Luke Joel Kinnaman) just three weeks before the wedding, she embarks on an emotional, year-long adventure of self-discovery filled with love, loss, hilarity and heartache. Guided (and often misguided) by the well-meaning advice of her close friends and eccentric parents, Lola's chaotic journey en route to the big 3-0 proves that a single tumultuous year can yield the lessons of a lifetime.

We’re busy women these days.  Juggling, work, school, relationships, family – it’s sometimes hard to find time for YOU! Here Lola will outline some tips on how to help you carve out some time for reflection and relaxation. 

Schedule a Regular Yoga Class
Find a local yoga studio and make a commitment to take a class at least once a week. The mental and physical benefits of yoga will leave you feeling stronger and more at peace. An added bonus is having a good-looking instructor so check out a few different classes until you find the perfect match.

Shut Off Your Gadgets
It is rare to be by ourselves since we are constantly connected to others via Facebook, Twitter, and emails. So set aside a time during your day to shut down all your gadgets for a couple hours to experience true, quality alone time. You may find that you can think more clearly and feel less stressed without a constant flow of beeps and buzzes.
Write Your Heart Out
A great way to release our pent-up emotions is to write them in a journal or blog. You can do this anywhere too – at the local coffee shop, bookstore, or neighborhood park. Writing will give you a great sense of freedom to express whatever is on your mind.

Take Yourself Shopping (Shoes!!)
Now this may be a dangerous move post break-up but what the hell…. go shopping! And rather than doing your typical online browsing, take yourself to the local mall or shopping center so you can try on new looks and outfits. You may surprise yourself with what you find without anyone else’s opinion to cloud your tastes.

Relax at the Beach or Spa
One of the most relaxing solo activities is to take a nap in style. If you live near the beach, this is a perfect setting to get a tan and sleep to the sounds of the crashing waves. An equally satisfying alternative is to get a massage at a spa. Allow your mind to shut off while your body gets the treatment it deserves.

*** I was sent a review copy of Lola Versus... I was not required to post this, but figured all of us can use a little "me time" every once in a while. *** 


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