Genghis Grill Opens 100th Store! Is There One Near You?

For the longest time, I would not try other foods... 
To be honest, the first time I actually started ordering Steak was when I was pregnant with Broxton.
Now, I like to try different foods..
Okay, I am not going all crazy, but I do try more than just chicken!
That was why I was excited to learn about a new place near where we used to live...
(We still go there to visit friends, so I am eager to try it out!)
It is called Genghis Grill and it is a Mongolian Stir Fry and I am betting you it is GREAT!
Are you familiar with Mongolian Stir Fry?
We have been to one before... 
You get there and pick what you want to be in your bowl..
They cook it right there in front of you.
It is neat... Like, if you want just a little bit of broccoli, but you want lots of peas...  You put the amount you want into the bowl!  
I really like the Genghis website....
You head over and make your own bowl online.. 
Then, it will tell you the Nutritional Value on it...
Yes, you read that right!  
That way, you can tell if you need to leave something out or change it...

To celebrate the Opening of their 100th store... 
Genghis has a contest going on...
It is called: 
What have you Conquered today?
How do you enter?
You just upload a photo to their facebook or twitter page, with the hashtag  #ConquerWithKhan...
What you conquer can be anything... from a big accomplishment, or something like making breakfast...  The sky is the limit! 
Side note, if you are over 14, you can sign up on their site to get a Free Bowl on your birthday!  Head on over and check it out!  

*** I will be receiving a gift card to check Genghis Grill out.  All opinions are my own.  ***


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